Monday, June 30, 2008

Schleicher County whining that it will go bankrupt.

In the Deseret News. Now they're arguing over who picks up the tab. Classic.
"The tiny county that has been the eye of the storm over the raid on the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch says it could go bankrupt if the state of Texas doesn't indemnify it against millions of dollars in bills.

Schleicher County recently passed a resolution declaring that it has limited financial resources and its taxpayers are burdened beyond their means by the raid's extraordinary costs. The resolution says Texas Child Protective Services instituted 'a costly procedure without the knowledge of Schleicher County against residents,' and county officials have no way of controlling it.

'They're the ones that initiated the proceedings,' Schleicher County Judge Johnny Griffin told the Deseret News on Monday. 'There's costs sent to us that we didn't initiate and the county didn't authorize.'"

Aw, and they just put the hurtin' on the biggest taxpayer in the county, what a shame.

"The state has verbally agreed to pick up the tab, but Griffin said they would like to see it in writing. Nearby Kerr County passed a resolution last week supporting Schleicher County's request for indemnification."

And they never lie.

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