Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Light blogging, maybe no blogging until early August.

I am leaving for New England. One of the first thirteen states, where I will reside. More →

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Details continue to trickle out, Texas is NOT so sure.

The Deseret News;

"A Bishop's Record seized by law enforcement and entered into court evidence in a San Angelo court said Allan Keate had a 17-year-old wife, and may have fathered an underage child with her. (Michael George) Emack, according to the same records, has a 19-year-old wife and had a 1 1/2-year-old son with her."

Age of Consent in Texas after 2005, is 17. They are not that confident yet, in their case. A 19 year old wife with a one and a half year old son was impregnated two years and three months ago. How old a 19 year old are we talking here? 19 years and 2 months? Saying that Allan Keate may have fathered and "underage child" with her (strange phrasing) doesn't speak of great confidence either.

Teresa Jeffs swears she is a virgin from what I've heard, that makes her "spiritual marriage" a betrothal and not a consumated relationship. The Doctor is charged with failure to report. That's four of the five. As I said, the charge of Bigamy against Merrill Jessop indicates the only charge that Texas has confidence in. Sorry to keep repeating myself but the evidence keeps stacking up, bit by bit. They would have charged the three other men with Bigamy if they thought the charges were good enough to stick. Of course, all of this may change.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Forecasting the FLDS Five's conviction chances.

Warren Jeffs various cases should be instructive. The San Angelo Standard-Times;

"Four of (the charges against Warren Jeffs) were dropped at the request of the defense because Arizona's incest law doesn't apply to Jeffs' cases. Two of them were dropped at the request of the prosecution because the alleged victim refused to testify."

Warren's case seems to be going BACK to the Grand Jury. Will we run into similar outcomes in Texas? These are the FLDS faithful. Unless something stunning happens, like Natalie Malonis turns out to be NOT blowing smoke about Teresa Jeffs, who's going to testify in support of these charges? DNA evidence alone is not going to be enough. It may even be disallowed.

Texas has taken steps that say already they don't have confidence in some of the charges, such as getting NEW DNA samples (but probably relying on old ones) and only charging one suspect with Bigamy. Seriously, Raymond Jessop, hand picked husband of Teresa Jeffs, the daughter of leader Warren Jeffs and the granddaughter of yet another FLDS prophet, is married to ONE WOMAN and in his thirties? Give me a break. They aren't charging him with Bigamy because they don't think they will convict him of Sexual Assault. Apply the same sorts of reasoning to the others in the FLDS Five. More →

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Why is only Merrill Leroy Jessop charged with Bigamy?

Of the FLDS Five, only one man is charge with Bigamy. Merrill Leroy Jessop. Why Merrill Leroy Jessop? Raymond Merrill Jessop is charged with the same crime as Merrill Leroy, "Sexually Assaulting a child" but not with Bigamy.

I can only surmise that when the Grand Jury meets again, they will probably charge all but the Doctor with Bigamy as well. Either that, or they only feel confident of the charges against Merrill Leroy at this time. Texas will not charge any of these men with simple Bigamy. To file charges against them for "Sexually Assaulting a child" and "Bigamy" and then to learn no Sexual Assault occurred would leave them in the ugly position of prosecuting simple Bigamy, or dropping the charge. More →

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Which Children does Texas refer to?

I'm confused. Which children? Raymond Jessop's "Spiritual Wife," Teresa Jeffs, turned 17 over the weekend. The Austin American-Statesman;

"(Texas Attorney General Greg) Abbott said law enforcement agencies are discussing ways to protect alleged victims should any of the men post bail.

'I would be concerned about any children they would be exposed to,' said Abbott, who called the bail amounts appropriate. 'I think the bail is a high bail instituted by the judge to ensure that people accused of these crimes will show up for trial.'"

Veda Keate (19) is an adult. Help me out here. Granted some of these alleged crimes occured in a time frame that could MAKE them crimes, but if Veda Keate is an adult now, and Teresa Jeffs is 17, what "children" does Greg Abbott propose to "protect?"

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fugitive Five do what's right

In light of the fact that I think the state of Texas is in the wrong, the FLDS Fugitive Five did what was right, they turned themselves in.

The Salt Lake Tribune had been reporting that they could not be found. Since they've turned themselves in, it's now time to know who they are. The Dallas Morning News.

"Three of the men — Merril “Leroy” Jessop, 33; Raymond Jessop, 36; and Allan Keate, 56 — face charges of sexual assault of a child and are purported to be “spiritual husbands” of young women who testified before the Schleicher County grand jury last week. A fourth man, Michael Emack, 57, also faces charges of sexual assault of a child. The fifth man, Dr. Lloyd Barlow, 38, faces three misdemeanor counts of failing to report child abuse. He’s purported to be the chief physician at the sect's compound outside Eldorado and is thought to have had information about young mothers there."

I guessed two of them, I should have guessed the Dr. Are we now going to start charging abortion clinic Doctors? Those that supply unwed teens with BIRTH CONTROL DEVICES?

"Leroy Jessop is also charged with bigamy."
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Newsweek on Rozita Swinton

Rozita is profiled in Newsweek, and for the first time the press (apart from your Modern Pharisee) wakes up to the cold calculating nature of the instigator of the YFZ raid.

"Yet there's a highly rational and calculating aspect to Swinton's alleged deeds. In the past few years, she has used at least nine cell-phone numbers—many of them prepaid, avoiding the need to register them—to orchestrate her ruses, according to police. And rather than slipping uncontrollably into one character or another, she has seemed to switch between them at will."

I pointed this out early on, saying that she showed calculating behavior by avoiding the camera in the police questioning she went through. I also pointed out the similarities between her mug shot and other calculating child abusers.

"Psychiatrists interviewed by NEWSWEEK say that although they wouldn't rule out multiple-personality disorder—a controversial diagnosis technically known as dissociative identity disorder (DID)—Swinton's behavior doesn't match the usual profile (none of them has personally examined her). 'People with DID typically have intense stories of their own abuse' and don't 'run around reporting on other people's abuse,' says David Spiegel, associate chair of psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine. Richard Kluft, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Temple University School of Medicine, says it's possible that Swinton suffers from other conditions, like factitious disorder, in which people have a need to be seen as ill and deliberately create symptoms to prove it."

I still strongly suspect the KEY phrases that Rozita keeps using need to be paid attention to. "You're saying I'm lying" she tends to say, or seems amazed that people think she didn't tell the truth, and then protests that it IS the truth, that it's "HER STORY."

Lies always have an anchor in the truth in my experience. Rozita is intent on proclaiming that the stories she tells are TRUE. Someone has fed her these stories or she has read them in case files. She now feels the need to tell them. I think it's important to know where these stories came from. I think Rozita BELIEVES they are true. Another alternative is that she is changing details of the story to mask their origin.

The Newsweek article also identifies Mary Catharine Nelson as her foster parent, but does not touch on the "Reverend" Nelson's connections with the publishing company that she published her books through. The article also uses stock photographs that were supplied by Swinton herself.

There is STILL more to the story, but at least someone looked at her in an unsympathetic way for the first time, in the mainstream media.

The article points out that Rozita received therapy in Missouri, I assume recently. This may explain why I got a bunch of recent hits from Rural Missouri and at about the same time, ceased to get hits from Colorodo Springs, on this blog. It could be coincidence but Missouri is home to Eden Theological Seminary, and was or still is home to Mary Catharine Nelson's big bud and fellow homosexual rights activist, Dr. Peggy Ann Way.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mobile and Modern, the Pharisee is Moving

With great regret I am leaving my favorite place on earth. Montana. I'm moving to the eastern part of the country, a trip of 2600 miles. With the providence of God I could be packed with the first load tomorrow. I might be able to set out for my destination Monday.

This should make for hardly any blogging for maybe as long as week. More →

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Bill Reports Strange doings.

Helicopters Buzz YFZ Ranch? More →

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The Salt Lake Tribune confirms, dismissals are imminent.

The Pharisee's musing that some cases were about to be dismissed, seems to be a valid one. The Salt Lake Tribune shares that view;

"(Barbara Walther) has ordered that a massive child custody case involving a polygamous sect be split up, a move that may be the first step in dismissing some cases while investigation continues in others."

Then there is this UNAMERICAN and DISGUSTING reference;

"Walther also ordered that attorneys' requests for information gathered by the state be suspended until she adopts a discovery management plan."

A "discovery management plan?" There is nothing in our constitution about a "discovery management plan!" There is plenty about a right to a speedy trial. The "discovery management plan" is now shown to be a simple assertion that the STATE has the RIGHT TO SAVE IT'S CASE. There IS no such right to compete with the rights of the accused who are INNOCENT until proven guilty.

As innocent people they have the right to getting their lives back as soon as possible, that is what a speedy trial is all about. If you, as the state, undertake to arrest 650 people all at once, and then find out three months later that is imposing a hardship on you, that is part of the built in advantage given to defendants in this country.

In justice, the prosecution has so much power that the founders sought offsets to that power to prevent TYRANNY. They fully realized this would allow many guilty people to go free. Unfettered government power in criminal prosecution would lead to and had led to the oppression of the free, which is more noxious than the unleashed (but not as organized) criminal.

Texas, YOU stuck your hand into the hornet's nest. So far you've only managed 4 felony indictments that had nothing to do with the original premise for entering YFZ and NOTHING to do with anything you saw while at YFZ. Is Discovery "unmanageable" for you right now? TOO BAD. The Founding Fathers would rather the CHILD MOLESTER go free, than the STATE be able to invent methods that infringed on the freedoms of all citizens.

That's right. The constitution of this country expressed a PREFERENCE for CHILD MOLESTERS getting away with their crimes rather than creating a justice system that could catch them all. Once again, that is because the Government that could catch them all, has been shown to, and will, OPPRESS ALL OF US with that power, and the result, believe it or not, would be ever so much worse.
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Happy Birthday Teresa Jeffs

She's 17. Today. More →

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Barbara Walther pulls a dirty trick, Kurt Schulzke at I Perceive sees it.

Barbara cut off discovery. See what it means. More →

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Walther splits the FLDS custody cases. What does that say about the warrants?

It would seeem now all the cases are individual. Individual by mother, individual by child. They are grouped by mother. This is a concession that the "one household" theory is a bust. The San Angelo Standard-Times;

"(Judge Barbara) Walther split Case No. 2902 - which included more than 300 children - into 110 cases grouped by mother, and Case 2903, which included more than 30 children, into nine cases, also grouped by mother. They join 125 cases filed separately by the state's Child Protective Services agency, which removed nearly 440 children from the sect's Schleicher County compound in early April."

It's on a Friday afternoon, which means they don't want to talk about it. You dump something you want to hide on a Friday afternoon, or you dump a rumor you want to have maximum effect on a Friday afternoon. You also rule in an unfavorable way on a Friday afternoon so that it's two or three days before it's effect can be appealed.

I think this means the first warrant is swept aside completely. This also has implications for the second warrant, since the Texas Rangers were at the YFZ Ranch on the basis of the first warrant and searched the whole ranch as a single household. These are now all individual cases.

UPDATED THOUGHTS: This is also a prelude to dropping any claim to the vast majority of the children, which is the GOOD news. The BAD news is that we will soon see which children then intend to keep. In all honesty I think it's possible that there won't be any. One of these Friday afternoons, perhaps even this one, a good deal of them will be dropped. Maybe they don't want to give the parenting classes after all. I've alays had the distinct impression the parenting classes were just necessary window dressing. Drop these cases now, and you don't have to hold as many of them, it's a budget/enthusiasm thing.

We then move on to a criminal phase, and it's back to the warrants issue. I can't honestly see how Walther holds that together, or any subsequent judge does in a criminal proceeding. Up until now we've dealt with the rather liberal interpretations of law permitted in the supposedly "civil" action that custody is. Transferring the evidence of the raid to a criminal case is dicey. More →

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What a concept, there is no evidence of a crime that did not occur.

In the Austin American-Statesman it seems that Texas has a hard time grasping the obvious. When there is no crime, it's hard to find.

"'The FLDS group is very difficult to penetrate,' (Texas Attorney General Greg) Abbott said. 'They have a veil of silence that they operate under, and as a result, the kind of evidence that's necessary to prosecute the crimes that they may be committing is difficult to obtain. I think with what Senator Reid is proposing, what the committee is considering, it will provide greater tools for the federal authorities to help go in and begin to eradicate some of the criminal activity that may be taking place.'"

You said it yourself Greg, "may be taking place." Examine your own words for a moment. They mean that there COULD be NO CRIME taking place. Nothing leaves no trace, which COULD account for the difficulty of penetrating the "veil of silence." There always is silence when no one makes a sound. There is no evidence when something does not occur, making it "difficult to obtain."

What a concept. Spend time and money on places that crimes aren't difficult to find, because they actually leave evidence. The idea that you THINK there is a crime, and are frustrated by the absence of evidence leads many people to believe that they were wrong. But not Texas. Not Greg Abbott. More →

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Diversionary Amusements

There is a thread at a forum I have been thrown out of. It's called Hugh was Banned! I was banned from the "Fighting Fundamentalist Forums" in January of this year. It's almost August. The discussion is still going on though I am long dead and in the grave as far as membership at the forum is concerned.

They've even started a NEW thread to talk about it, "Polygamists try to recruit on the FFF." My name figures prominently in that thread as well. As I recall there were two or three more threads about my forced disappearance from FFF in January and the initial discussion in all those threads lasted about 2 weeks to a month or so. Perhaps more.

If you reorder the rank of the threads in the "Fighting Forum" to account for number of VIEWS, the "Hugh was Banned!" thread is now near the top of the second page of threads, and at the moment ranks slightly below a thread on cigar smoking. Very shortly it will reach the level of popularity owned by a thread on women wearing pants. Of course they talk real big about how they've "shown me" something, but they've done the equivalent of a cyber murder and can talk about me with impunity, or so they think. This little blog of mine, shines almost as well as theirs, from time to time, in internet rankings. There are days when it's more popular. More →

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Senate Hearing calls for "Strike Force"

Argh. We need to restrict the free movement of US Citizens in this country who go to places where no one is, so that they can self govern. Of course these comments are being spun in a very negative way, but the PILGRIMS came to this country to "self govern" which is code worded now as "taking over the local area." Sheesh. Why aren't they concerned when illegal aliens come in and do that? The FLDS are legal U.S. citizens. They have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to move ANYWHERE in the country land is being sold and take up residence and TAKE OVER THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT. You do too. It's called the democratic process, it is the ABSOLUTE RIGHT of EVERY U.S. CITIZEN. To DENY another U.S. Citizen the right to buy your land when you offer it for sale is even against the law. The San Angelo Standard-Times.

"(Greg Abbott) said that he thinks the FLDS picked Schleicher County because it was isolated and sparsely populated. The sect could go about its business unmolested and could follow a previous pattern of taking over local government and authorities by outnumbering others. In the 2006 General Election, 698 voters turned out in Schleicher County, he said.

It was unclear how many people have been living at the ranch, but more than 400 children were taken from the compound by the state during an April raid. Texas officials at the hearing estimated the county's total population to be 2,000 to 3,000.

'Their population is large enough that if they all registered to vote and did vote,' they would have enough FLDS members to assert local control, Abbott said. 'The game plan for FLDS is to locate a geographical area that is so sparsely populated that they will be able to live in seclusion' and take over the local area."


"(Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard) supports a strike force or task force that will help overcome jurisdictional barriers."

Right. Let's phrase that as a task force to watch black people specifically and see what crimes they commit. That would be the KKK wouldn't it? Storm Front with the special twist of being SUPPORTED by the Federal Government?

Abbott also said this;

"Girls were sexually assaulted by men in the state of Texas," Abbott said. "We intend to prosecute it."

How could he POSSIBLY know that? Most people, even libertines "do it" behind closed doors. More →

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What's the Big Secret?

According to this article, the men already know who they are;

The San Angelo Standard-Times - "The men are believed to have retained attorneys, (Texas Ranger Capt. L.C.) Wilson said, and officials will first attempt to contact them through their counsel."

The "aggressive effort" to capture them is going to consist of calling their attorneys on the phone, or dropping them a letter. I can see it now, a postal carrier delivers a certified return receipt requested letter, with extreme prejudice. Face it, this is drama and/or embarrassment or even a lack of confidence in the charges. They gave away immunity and brow beat 4 women to gain a bit of a show for Harry Reid leading into his Senate Hearings. One man is only charged with misdemeanors.

Since apparently all these charges stem from Texas Rangers having the Super Power of X-Ray Vision while on the ranch, seeing "Terabytes" of incriminating documents, they may not be seeking to arrest these men so aggressively after all. Who wants a judge telling you that you're a liar, you don't have X-Ray Vision, and besides your warrant was based on seeing "criminally impregnanated in Texas underage girls" anyway. A feat accomplished by powers of telepathy, not X-Ray Vision.

Shouldn't they have employed that Telepathy to realize the calls were bogus in the first place? Most of these men should be permanent witnesses in Texas Criminal cases, where their powers are best put to use. More →

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Suggestion for the unknown FLDS "fugitive five."

I suggest every FLDS man who has EVER been at YFZ or in Texas immediately call Sheriff Doran and ask if they are being sought, and if possible, present themselves physically to Sheriff Doran and surrender.

If you're not being sought, your surrender will not be accepted boys.

Personally I'd stay as far away from Texas as possible but make your defacto leader Willie Jessop look good. Turn yourselves in. When you're done calling or dropping by, notify the Modern Pharisee that you have done so and I'll keep a list. Tell me what they told you.

Of course, you don't have to pick the Modern Pharisee. I'm sure our ace reporters at "The Truth Will Prevail" will be more than happy to publish the list of fugitive/non fugitive FLDS men.

Just call Sheriff Doran, identify yourselves, ask if it is YOU they seek. Sheriff David Doran's number is 325-853-2737. If you can't get through, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's number is 512-463-2100. More →

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Ex Husbands and Babysitters both Allege Natalie Malonis involved in Extensive Drug use, Child Abuse and Mentally Ill.

Wow Natalie, with a past like that, I'd have let Teresa have her own attorney. Didn't you know this would come out? Check out "The Truth Will Prevail" (for indeed it does). Hat Tip to Bill Medvecky of Free the FLDS Children. A salacious, and TRUE excerpt;

"I met Natalie while she was divorcing her first husband John Malonis. I went to Natalie’s home and it was not kept well. There was spoiled food in the refrigerator. I noticed baby diapers in the toilet. The entire house was a mess. Natalie uses the illegal substance known as speed. I knew she used it before our marriage and she told me she would stop. I told her I could not stand for illegal drug use and would not marry her if she was using drugs. When we were living in a small apartment in May of 1999 [four months before their marriage] I found drugs and drug paraphernalia in our home. I found small baggies containing the speed, straws, a mirror, metal foil all of which I know are used for drug use. I questioned Natalie about it and she admitted to me that she was using again."

Oh no, there's more, lot's more. The problem is, it's true. In answer to the question of whether or not Ms. Malonis is simply self destructive, I think we have an answer. The remaining questions center around why Texas would use such a dangerous and unbalanced attorney and force anyone to keep her as a representative. If Barbara Walther cared for the client AT ALL, she surely ought to have known the background and reputation of the attorney assigned to her. I'm guessing all of this was presented to her, but no, Teresa had to stay with this unbalanced moral reprobate who is inexplicably, still an attorney and who apparently represents the best of what Texas has to offer as Attorney ad litem.

NOW do we know why the CASA report needs to be sealed so urgently by Ms. Malonis? Is there some allusion to this in Teresa's attempts to dislodge Natalie as her attorney? Hat tip to Kurt and "I Perceive" for pointing out the article that tells us Teresa Jeffs turns 17. Saturday. More →

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More information on the FLDS indictments trickles out.

Hmmm, this is about the first thing that Willie Jessop has said that I have a hard time believing. If it's true, Willie, you better wise up. OF COURSE there were going to be indictments. Harry Reid had been promised indictments. He would have scheduled no hearings otherwise. It's POLITICAL Willie, there were going to be indictments, yet there is something that is not exactly shocking, but eyebrow raising in this story from the Austin American-Stateman.

"'We're actually quite shocked. As soon as we know who they're looking for, we'll try to face it,' Jessop said. 'We believe in our innocence.'

He said he didn't know who was indicted and that no law enforcement officials had tried to enter the ranch Tuesday evening."

What's up with that last part? Texas hasn't tried to look for the offenders at YFZ? Isn't that a logical place to look? Are they afraid they will reveal WHO the people they look for ARE? Why is it that Texas is nervous about identifying them? Is it that the revelation of their identities would tell us too much? Like how weak or how unrelated to the raid the charges are? Another thought is that they know where these suspects are, and they are out of state and Texas is quietly seeking cooperation from other states to arrest them.

What we do know is that one indictment is for failing to report child abuse. That leaves four indictments for other crimes. One HAS to be for Raymond Jessop, the "spiritual husband" of Teresa Jeffs. The other has to be for the father of Veda Keate's child. It is possible that they don't have names for some of the indictments. I don't know enough about the law at this point to say. They may be combining DNA evidence to identify a DNA profile for the indictments, but as yet do not have a name to go with the indictment. That seems a little far fetched. We seem to know two of the four men indicted.

More →

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Several FLDS questions answered in this article.

The Salt Lake Tribune;

"One activist who has campaigned for government officials to crack down on underage marriages in the sect hailed Tuesday's indictments.

'I think it's a great start,' said Flora Jessop, a child victim advocate and ex-member of the sect. 'I'm proud of Texas for following through on the abuse they found.'"

Well DER, Flora is going to talk a good game, like abuse was found. What was found was a set of circumstances that INDICATE the POSSIBILITY of abuse, not abuse itself. But on with the show, Flora is always truthful on part these next several points;

"Jessop said she hopes the state also holds parents and other adults who were aware of the abuses accountable for sexual assaults on the community's children.

'That's the only way to send a strong message it has got to stop,' Jessop said. 'This has nothing to do with polygamy. It has to do with systemic rape, molestation and abuse of these children.'"

Right, it has NOTHING to do with polygamy. And until proven, since there are a set of circumstances that suggest, but do not prove rape abuse and molestation have occurred, it could hardly be called systemic. What Flora is always right about is that this is not about polygamy. Then she goes off the deep end and starts promoting her agenda. Even if EVERYTHING Flora says about her personal experience is true, it does not prove present day ongoing systemic rape, molestation and abuse. If anything the length of time before and the small number of indictments, tend to prove the opposite. I continue to point out that in comparing YFZ to society at large, YFZ was squeaky clean.

"Willie Jessop, an FLDS spokesman, said late Tuesday that the sect will address the allegations 'head on.'

'As soon as we know who they are looking for we will make contact with the sheriff's office and make arrangements for those people to appear on the charges,' he said."

So far the FLDS have not balked a bit at confronting charges so I'm confident Willie means this. It is also hard for the innocent to respond to sealed indictments, since they are innocent, and short of EVERYONE turning themselves in, no one knows who should turn who in. By saying that FLDS members will APPEAR on the charges, Willie makes a specific promise, that the five indicted persons subject to the warrants will show up in Texas and submit to arrest. That's quite a promise. Personally I'd have fled the jurisdiction by now with no plans of coming back. I have no trust for Texas Justice.

"Jessop was at the courthouse all day after being handed a subpoena Tuesday morning after a traffic stop. He was accompanied by Las Vegas attorney Richard Wright, who has assisted in Jeffs' defense, and several Texas attorneys. Jessop was not called before the jury, however."

Willies was rousted. The subpoena and traffic stop was intimidation and physical control of Willie. Funny how those who have no moral compass accuse others of that which they engage in themselves.

"Six FLDS women did appear before the panel, which met in the Memorial Building adjacent to the Schleicher County Courthouse.

During the afternoon proceedings, 51st District Judge Barbara Walther was in the courthouse as at least four of the women were questioned again."

Yes, one of them was Teresa Jeffs, contrary to how I interpreted the facts yesterday;

"Jeffs' 16-year-old daughter, whose marriage at age 15 to a much older man was revealed in court documents filed last week (testified.)"

I'll have to research who the "dismissed" witness was in between the June and July hearing. They have no leverage over Teresa since she has no child, though Natalie Malonis alleges that she does. I'm guessing her and the other minor, Veda Keate were not summoned back to the Grand Jury later in the day.
More →

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The Modern Pharisee's biggest day

Tuesday was the biggest blog day ever. The Modern Pharisee was probably aided by the fact that every other FLDS watching blogger took the day off. For the most part.

As a consequence with a slow day at work I was able to check in on the news from time to time and blog away my blues. The Pharisee didn't just have the biggest visitor number for one day, the blog shattered the previous mark by more than 40%.

There were some interesting developments, including the confirmation of the "squeeze play" tactic that was being used on FLDS women. The holding of their own children as hostages to make them talk. Immunity was never intended to create a Scilla and Charybdis situation in which your own children may be forfeit. Yet that is how it was used. Texas has been brutal to the children and their mothers to dig out the possibility of two or three underage sexual liasons among the FLDS.

If in fact any FLDS participated in such a union, and did so in Texas or another state that prohibits such contact, they were extremely foolish. Nevertheless the incidence of sexual "child abuse" at YFZ as a percentage will turn out to be less than in society as a whole. When and if it is documented, it will also turn out to be with girls who are all of the age of consent now, or on the verge of it and who will be able to convincingly declare their intent regardless of what the law says.

Any of us who thought there would be no indictments after Harry Reid scheduled his US Senate hearings, well, we were dreaming. It was surprising to see the Salt Lake Tribune retire for the day with a claim that no indictments had been issued. Barbara Walther and her cronies are near geniuses when it comes to raw unvarnished pressure. They knew how to apply it, and they did.

There was apparently a moment where there was some doubt that Texas would be able to use the immunity angle, and frankly I think they probably didn't have the ability to give immunity but that may be where Harry Reid comes in. The trump card to guarantee immunity rightfully given or not. In the end I think FLDS mothers stared into the yawning pit of loosing their children or having their beloved husbands carted off to jail. It's probable they had been directed in that case by those husbands to give them up, instead of the children.

Texas must get a conviction. They are pulling out all stops to do so. Failing to do so produces the scenario of the raid being completely unjustified in the public mind. It was unjustified, but in the end, Texas knows that if they can find one girl who was underage who had sex with one man who was too old for our culture to accept as a sex partner, they're home free. It won't matter that the basis for the raid was unfounded. It won't matter that the instigator of the acts they prosecute was already behind bars. America will forgive Texas if they can place in our minds the credible image of a middle aged man taking the virginity of a 14 or 15 year old girl. It won't matter that this happens more often in their own church, or their own high schools, it will only matter that a Polygynist did it and Texas will be home free.

That's why they keep going. If they fail to produce one conviction, even if that conviction had NOTHING to do with the raid, Texas is dead, and they know it. More →

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Immunity given to FLDS witnesses to force testimony?

Apparently immunity may have been granted to force testimony and FLDS mothers extorted by threats to their children;

The Houston Chronicle - "(Q)uestions over whether that immunity would be accepted by federal prosecution was in doubt, bringing the grand proceeding to a temporary halt (4 hrs) this afternoon. It wasn't immediately clear how those questions were resolved.

Sources familiar with the discussions spoke to the Chronicle on condition their names not be used. One said state District Judge Barbara Walther was called to the secret proceedings and kept in a room separate from the deliberations to go over the immunity issue."

This says Walther did not testify. It also strongly suggests immunity was offered and given. Judging from the way Texas has been conducting it's affairs, I daresay that witnesses were granted immunity with the assurance that the immunity would protect them from the consequences of their testimony, and this may have been a lie. It would explain this part of the article as well;

"(Sarah Barlow) Draper, 37, could be seen daubing her tearful eyes before she re-entered the room. Leann Jeffs' attorney, Andrea Sloan, patted her client on the back before they headed into the grand jury room."

Which would suggest she was forced to testify. The official rumor is that the deal was offered.

"Sources close to the investigation said the state of Texas offered female members of the FLDS immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony."

This was speculated to be the reason by your Modern Pharisee for no idictments in the second July meeting of the Grand Jury, and the reason for the month long delay for the third meeting, today. The first Grand Jury meeting resulted in 18 indicments, but no arrests have been reported. This one resulted in 6, after forced testimony it would appear. Testimony forced by offers of immunity that Texas may not have the authority to give.

The dilemna for FLDS mothers was that if they go to JAIL for not testifying, they would lose their children as a side effect. I am sure they would have spent the time in jail but they were in a rock and hard place situation. Testify with immunity. Refuse and face contempt. With fathers under threat of arrest or with practical rights terminated, the mother would be the only parent. A mother in jail for contempt, would lose her children to state custody. This is apparently EXACTLY what was done.

More →

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6 Indicted

6 Ham Sandwiches. One is Warren Jeffs. The San Angelo Standard-Times;

ELDORADO - "A Schleicher County grand jury issued indictments today against Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leader Warren Jeffs and five other sect members, alleging sexual assault, bigamy and related charges.

Jeffs was charged with sexually assaulting a child, a first-degree felony, and the four others were indicted on allegations of sexually assaulting girls younger than (the legal age?) Each of those four face one felony count of sexual assault, and one faces an additional charge of bigamy.

Jeffs was identified because he was served with the indictment in jail. The other four remain unidentified until they are served.

'The indictments issued today are part of an ongoing and continuing criminal investigation,' a news release from Attorney General Greg Abbott's office said."

If you have to like something about this, it is that one of the six is Warren Jeffs. That hardly has anything to do with the raid. Another man is probably "Raymond Jessop," the "spiritual husband" of Teresa Jeffs and it may be that charge loses steam based on whether or not Teresa is a virgin, which she probably is. Of the four remaining, one is charged with being an accomplice, another with bigamy. Some of the the indictments may be for the same man, different crimes. We don't know the identities;

The Deseret News - "One man faces an additional charge of bigamy, also a first-degree felony, while another man has been charged with three counts of failing to report child abuse, according to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott."

I hate to say it but Willie Jessop might be that man charged with "failing to report child abuse" because that would mean he could be arrested and "taken out" of the picture. Willie wants to be in Washington Thursday. Watch to see if they try to arrest him in a manner timed to prevent him from being there. He'll probably make bail.

More →

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The Plot Thickens, Barbara Walther summoned to Eldorado Grand Jury

Speculation at this point would be wild. I'd hit the mark only by chance. News will probably move faster than my speculations at this point. The Salt Lake Tribune.

"Grand jury proceedings have resumed this afternoon in Schleicher County Courthouse, and tension has grown as controversial 51st District Judge Barbara Walther has arrived, apparently summoned to the hearing for reasons yet unknown."

Putting Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and her in the same room. Something tells me all is not well with the CPS plan, but nothing can really be determined at this point, other than the story isn't going the way Texas wants it too. The day is yet young. More →

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Where is Teresa Jeffs?

Clearly she is NOT in Eldorado at the Grand Jury, confirming the Modern Pharisee's speculation to that effect.

The Salt Lake Tribune - ELDORADO, Texas - "A 16-year-old daughter of polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs launched a new effort Tuesday (July 22nd) to replace her court-appointed attorney.

A motion filed by Teresa Jeffs in Schleicher County said the 'personal behavior' of attorney Natalie Malonis, who represents her in an ongoing child welfare investigation, demonstrates 'choices that brought her judgment, lifestyle and her ability to cope with responsibilities and obligations into question.' The filing does not offer further specifics, but said it was referring to events that began in 2000. Court records show Malonis and her husband began a divorce in 2000. Her former husband was eventually granted full custody of their two sons."

Is Natalie Malonis COMPENSATING for something? When will this obsessed, divorced, empty nester going to get the hint?

UPDATE: Teresa Jeffs could have been two places today, or her attorney may have appeared in her stead seeking to remove Natalie Malonis. The Dallas Morning News says she WAS subpoenaed.

"Teresa Jeffs (was subpoenaed), the 16-year-old daughter of incarcerated sect leader Warren Jeffs. A child advocate report filed earlier this month indicated she had been married to a 34-year-old man shortly after her 15th birthday. Ms. Jeffs has been involved in a public and frequently nasty fight with her guardian ad litem."
More →

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Teresa Jeffs conspicuously absent from Grand Jury proceedings.

In keeping with my previous speculation that Teresa Jeffs might well be a smokescreen, Teresa seems to be the witness that was "dismissed" earlier from testifying. This was also speculated by your Modern Pharisee. We'll wait for proof on that but she does not appear on the witness list in the Houston Chronicle, nor are there mentions of her in any other paper or news report I have read. (That's Teresa airborne, over the trampoline.)

So, what was all that nonsense about her diary? Was she being punished for being uncooperative? I suspect so. Child abuse indeed. Annette Jeffs, her mother, was called to testify. The first substantive signal that Teresa was not going to appear, was the fact that Willie Jessop was subpoenaed. More →

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Sound and Fury at the FLDS Grand Jury

All that rumbling, and still no lightning;

The San Angelo Standard-Times - ELDORADO - "The Schleicher County grand jury broke for lunch just before noon today, and so far no indictments have been handed down.

A man who identified himself only as Ben, a Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints member, said most of the sect women subpoenaed to testify were planning to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights by refusing to testify because the information could incriminate them. With the exception of spokesman Willie Jessop, most sect members divulge only their first names."

I am counting on the storm clouds putting out SOME rain and SOME lightning later. But so far nothing.

"Ben's" observation pretty much confirms that the FLDS women who testified LAST time the Grand Jury met did precisely the same thing, they plead the fifth. Technically polygamy is a crime, so they can hide behind the fifth all day long and not testify. So far at least, there is no evidence that Texas has secured the necessary immunities from neighboring states to offer immunity to the women, and gain their testimony.

That, or they don't want to offer immunity. More →

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Persecuting Polygynists. Bigotry's NEW Frontier.

Let's experiment again. First, from the Salt Lake City Tribune;

"Ahead of the first congressional hearing focused on polygamy since the 1950s, (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid, a Mormon convert from Nevada, will introduce the Victims of Polygamy Assistance Act. It would set up a collaborative effort between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to combat 'broad patterns' of polygamy-related crimes.

The bill also would create grants for police agencies to probe alleged crimes and provide assistance such as witness relocation, housing, job training and child care for those leaving plural marriages, according to Reid's office."

Now, with the following changes, see if you notice what they are;

"Ahead of the first congressional hearing focused on "Colored People" since the 1950s, (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid, a Mormon convert from Nevada, will introduce the Victims of African-Americans Assistance Act. It would set up a collaborative effort between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to combat 'broad patterns' of black-related crimes.

The bill also would create grants for police agencies to probe alleged crimes and provide assistance such as witness relocation, housing, job training and child care for those leaving black communities, according to Reid's office."


"Ahead of the first congressional hearing focused on homosexuality since the 1950s, (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid, a Mormon convert from Nevada, will introduce the Victims of Homosexuals Assistance Act. It would set up a collaborative effort between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to combat 'broad patterns' of homosexual-related crimes.

The bill also would create grants for police agencies to probe alleged crimes and provide assistance such as witness relocation, housing, job training and child care for those leaving homosexual households, according to Reid's office."

Yes it is a fair comparison. And what IS a "Polygamy Related Crime?" It is in fact a crime that only exists because of the refusal on the part of various governments to allow Polygamy legally. The crime of pedophilia does not exist if a woman goes to a venue where she can marry young and marries a much older man. It only exists if that man is married already. Otherwise the same act can occur between the two people, and it is entirely legal.

More →

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A funny thing happened on the way to the FLDS Grand Jury

From the Deseret News: If you can keep your wits about you, while all others around you are losing theirs;

"(Willie) Jessop was en route to the grand jury this when he was pulled over in a traffic stop. Asked why he was stopped, Jessop chuckled to reporters.

'I think it's obvious,' he said, promising to explain more after the hearing."

Who's the thug again?

UPDATE: The confusion get's more confusing. Was Teresa Jeffs there to testify or not? As suspected, and confirmed now by Brooke Adams, Willie Jessop was stopped so that he would be served a Subpoena. Willie has to stay away from Teresa, so......

Now, if he was served, and he testified. That means he's not indicted? If he was indicted, they could have arrested him on the spot or shortly thereafter. More →

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So Many Parallels to the FLDS Fiasco in Vermont Library Case.

Hat tip to "Strange Justice."

Yahoo News/AP - "(Judith) Flint was firm in her confrontation with the police.

'The lead detective said to me that they need to take the public computers and I said "OK, show me your warrant and that will be that,'" said Flint, 56. 'He did say he didn't need any paper. I said "You do." He said "I'm just trying to save a 12-year-old girl," and I told him "Show me the paper.'"

Cybersecurity expert Fred H. Cate, a law professor at Indiana University, said the librarians acted appropriately.

'If you've told all your patrons "We won't hand over your records unless we're ordered to by a court," and then you turn them over voluntarily, you're liable for anything that goes wrong,' he said.

A new Vermont law that requires libraries to demand court orders in such situations took effect July 1, but it wasn't in place that June day. The library's policy was to require one.

The librarians did agree to shut down the computers so no one could tamper with them, which had been a concern to police.

Once in police hands, how broadly could police dig into the computer hard drives without violating the privacy of other library patrons?

Baker wouldn't discuss what information was gleaned from the computers or what state police did with information about other people, except to say the scope of the warrant was restricted to the missing girl investigation.

'The idea that they took all the computers, it's like data mining,' said Caldwell-Stone. 'Now, all of a sudden, since you used that computer, your information is exposed to law enforcement and can be used in ways that (it) wasn't intended.'"

It turns out that all we really needed on April 3rd was a 4' 10" 56 year old female librarian at YFZ.

The parallels are interesting. One is the confidence of law enforcement that they did not need a warrant. Granted, in Texas they got warrants, but the first one was invalid, the second one was based on events seen at YFZ that the most flattering evaluation counts as misinterpretation. Texas is now functioning on no warrant at all.

With both warrnts gone though, nothing stops Texas. Just as with the computers that Vermont sought from the Library, "data mining" can go on forever, and in fact has in Texas. We are well past the non existant Sarah and the abusive Dale, her fictional husband and we blew past the "pregnant underage girls" who wouldn't have been prima facie evidence of a crime anyway, had there been any such underage girls.

Now we're functioning on "Data Mined" from the raid, but not part of the raid's primary intent or the alleged secondary purpose created by "seeing" other crimes. Texas did not "see" Teresa Jeffs' diary. They didn't "see" the record of spiritual marriage arranged and conducted by her father. That was "mined" later.

We can clearly see the danger in the case of Vermont, yet too many of us don't see the wrongness of what is still happening in Texas. What's the justification? In Vermont, "We're trying to save a 12 year old girl," in Texas, "We're trying to save a 15 year old girl." It's offered as the justification for any extreme of behavior and trampling of rights by law enforcment. "We're trying to help, the children."

More →

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Salt Lake Tribune "Kinda" supports the FLDS

In what looks like an editorial leading into the Grand Jury and US Senate hearing week, the Salt Lake Tribune offers this;

"We continue to believe, however, that prosecution of polygamy per se should not be the government's primary focus at either the state or federal level. Instead, it is more important to bring to justice those who commit child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape, incest and fraud within polygamous communities."

Now, what if they had said THIS;

"We continue to believe, however, that prosecution of African Americans per se should not be the government's primary focus at either the state or federal level. Instead, it is more important to bring to justice those who commit child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape, incest and fraud within African American communities"

That would be RACIST, now wouldn't it? Really, it would be. So why is it that we allow this sort of extraordinary scrutiny of polygynists and polygynous communities? The problem is, that until Law Enforcement divorces themselves from the idea that polygynous communities OUGHT to be investigated for these crimes, as opposed to others THAT, IS THE PROBLEM. Just as it would be the problem if they supposed they ought to investigate Chinese or Black or Hispanic communities for such crimes. After all, doesn't everyone know that Blacks want "our" women, and rape them, Chinese harbor gangs and Hispanics are lazy wet backs? Right?

If ANYTHING polygynous communities have shown they are LESS prone, not MORE prone to such crimes. Blacks for instance, in Harlem, had higher educational success in terms of testing for knowledge, until the government came along and applied affirmative action as a solution. Apparently they did not NEED our help to mind their own business. Maybe that's just the problem, we need to mind our own business.

There need be NO hearings, there is no need for a Grand Jury. Pack up. Go Home. Move Along. Nothing to see here. I know the Salt Lake Tribune has largely been our friend, but this is bigotry. Mind your own business.
More →

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FLDS Topic Centered Alexa Rankings

An update on what I pointed out about FLDS centered blogs.

On July 8th, it looked this way:

"Free the FLDS Children" - United States - 31,339
"FLDS View" - United States - 79,512
"I Perceive" - United States - 121,156
"Texas Polygamy" - 145,851
"The Common Room" - 153,680
"The Modern Pharisee" - United States - 199,050

Now it looks this way;

"Free the FLDS Children" - 38,569
"I Perceive" - 87,395
"FLDS View" - 90,722
"The Common Room" - 138,209
"The Modern Pharisee" - 149,101
"Texas Polygamy" - 161,395

Judging from these stats, there is still sustained interest in the public at large when it comes to the FLDS/YFZ Raid issue. Overwhelmingly readers choose blogs with a PRO FLDS bent. Texas Polygamy which has been around since the FLDS moved into Texas makes a thinly veiled sham attempt at appearing neutral, but is not. I'm no longer mentioning pathetic organizations like "the Hope Organization" because of their miserable readership.

There has been a little position swapping. "I Perceive" passed the FLDS view, and both it and "Free the FLDS Children fell a few notches, but my blog climbed up past Texas Polygamy and so did "The Common Room." I'd say that there is roughly the same amount of interest as there was before. If anything more people seem to think they'll get the straight scoop from Kurt, Bill, Pliggy, the "Headmistress" and I than they will anywhere else.

Alaskagain or "Toes" at "Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart" has even moved within 40,000 places of Flora Jessop, and she doesn't have TV exposure to help her out. In fact NONE of us do but we all outrank her. I still wonder why everyone flocks to Flora when they want a soundbite. Her brand of "truth" can't even raise her site above MINE. That's pathetic. If Fox or CNN or MSNBC wanted to have a guest on that would appear CREDIBLE to their viewers, they oughta call Bill Medvecky first, then Kurt and on down the line. Maybe they could have a panel discussion with Bill, Kurt, Pliggy, Flora and Sam Brower on. Let's throw in Rick Perry for fun. THAT would be a discussion. Pssst... Hey, 20/20. All of us outrank Truthbearer. More →

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Hey Pro FLDS Bloggers and FLDS Supportive Bloggers, YOU'RE BEING INVESTIGATED.

Just warning you. I see little tremors of it on the list of visitors to my site. I also see it here.

"It is the same Medvecky if it was Albany, New York. He is 64.

I do believe there are other charges too, involving a weapon.

Medvecky stated he lost a son to CPS and has not seen him since.

This would explain volumes why he hates CPS and law enforcement.

Do you know the story behind all the charges that sent him to prison?"

That came from Texas Blues Man's blog, Coram Non Judice. Then Blues took his own little shot right here at me.

"You are a shill for the FLDS, and have been since before Warren Jeffs was arrested. How many boards have you been kicked off of?

Your statements have no value, and your comments that you 'haven't met a Bible believer' unless they believe exactly as you do give an indication of the same old tired rhetoric of the witch-burners in Salem or the Catholics in the Catheri genocide of the 1300s.

You admit in other boards that you have been a bigamist - why should we listen to you know?

In other words, you believe as the child abusers do, and will say anything to defend them."

What a boring dogmatic moron. But he's a boring dogmatic moron with a twist, he's in law enforcement.

Here's some information for you Blues. Yes, I have been a Polygynist, but never a Bigamist. I intend to do so again if the opportunity presents itself. It will probably be a May-December relationship, but within the limits set by the law.

Yes I've been kicked off boards. I thank them, my own blog is more popular than a lot of those boards combined.

I have no idea why my motivations taint the facts. Motivations are only important when examining the actions and statements of LIARS, like TEXAS and ROZITA SWINTON. You maybe?

If you do intend to investigate me, give me a call. I'll supply you with all you need to dig for dirt. You might want to try the records of my divorce in the Cascade County Courthouse in Great Falls Montana. You could check in Winter Park Florida in and around 1985. It involves broken bones. Dig all you want. I'll help. I'll get you the shovel and mark the places to dig. I'm 54. I have a past. It can even be made to LOOK really really bad. Be careful about mentioning any names other than my own though Blues. I'm the only public figure in my story.

Oh, and by the way, prior to the Texas Raid I was on record as decidedly ANTI FLDS. I've said some pretty NASTY things about them in the past. You want directions for those too? Here's one of the milder ones.

"Warren was found guilty of accomplice to Rape. Now, with the qualifier that I find Warren Jeffs abhorrent and his religion a religion of the devil, some of the aspects of his case are quite interesting."

September 29th, 2007. Real PRO FLDS. More →

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Does Teresa Jeffs "Spiritual Marriage" justify the YFZ Raid?

I believe it will be shown that Texas obtained all of it's evidence in a false context. Repeatedly I have stated that I agree that law enforcement can enter a home or homes on false premises and discover clearly evident crimes and proceed with their search. Provided of course it is shown they did not participate in the creation of that false premise so as to obtain an excuse to enter a home. That would be the conspiracy angle most of us intimately familiar with the case entertain from time to time. I am one of those that does believe there was a conspiracy. I am not certain it involved law enforcment.

A hypothetical for comparison to the YFZ raid would be that law enforcement breaks down the door of a home in search of evidence of a murder or murders. Upon entry there is no such evidence and a room to room search produces no such evidence. During the search a law enforcement officer sees "Zig Zag" rolling papers. Everyone in the home is arrested on suspicion of drug dealing.

The search expands. No marijuana is found. No drugs whatsoever. Months pass. Eventually law enforcement in an exhaustive search finds a storage unit for one of the children in the family and in that storage unit, a single joint is found with DNA on it from one of the children.

The question is, does this justify the search, the continued search, the expansion of the search and remove law enforcement liability for the search under false premises? This is a grave danger we all face, for in fact it is argued that we have already created such a legal context for this behavior. If it's a crime of "Child Abuse" then all bets are off and on the mere suspicion of such abuse police may search and search and search and search and search until THEY are satisfied there is no abuse. There is no time limit to this search, there is no limit to the scope of this search. The search's parameters can be changed or reset or expanded at any time to incorporate new crimes until one is found, or until law enforcement tires of the affair.

Let us review how it is that Texas came to be in possession of the evidence of Teresa's "Spiritual Marriage" and the basis for which they now suspect her sexual contact with a much older man. First, there was the raid looking for "Dale" who was the "husband" of "Sarah." The only law enforcement agency in a three state area that BELIEVED the call was genuine was Texas. Arizona received a similar call, Utah as well, both declined to follow up on those calls, both came from Rozita Swinton. Allegedly. The allegation is in fact of such a strong variety that we know those calls came from a phone that Rozita had in her possession. Texas will not prosecute those crimes, nor will Utah, nor will Arizona, not because they can't be sure, but because the cases are of the "open and shut" variety. The evidence for Rozita's guilt as the hoaxer is only exceeded by the evidence for Jack Ruby's guilt in shooting Oswald.

That's strike one, but Texas is not out unless a conspiracy is shown to have existed. For the sake of illustration, let us suppose that on one sunny afternoon in downtown Eldorado, representatives of Texas and Colorado and Utah and Arizona sit down with Flora Jessops for lunch and during the conversation musing on how to "get" the FLDS, it is decided that if entry is gained to YFZ, there will be SOMETHING found so it doesn't matter. Colorado passes a note to Flora with a name on it, and says "here's you're wacko, wind her up and turn her loose, problem solved."

I cannot bring myself to beleive in a conspiracy THAT obvious and extensive but lesser versions of it are more and more beleivable as times goes by. I am particularly struck by Arizona and Utah dropping cases against Rozita, Texas refusing to seek her arrest and the skillful but obvious hiding of Rozita FROM the press. The latest such subtrifuge successfully moved Rozita's date with the press from BEFORE the Grand Jury week, (which now includes a US Senate hearing) to AFTER the Grand Jury week. If anything should tip you off that there will be an indictment, the scheduling of the US Senate hearings by Harry Reid should remove all doubt.

Surrender Monkey Harry is no idiot. He intends to conduct his hearings in light of the sensational allegations of Teresa Jeffs' "sexual abuse" at the hands of an older man, and with the full cooperation of her father. You can be confident that the DAY he announced the date of such hearings, that he had the details of the Houston Chronicle's story in hand.

So absent that conspiracy evidence that would be so convienient for friends of the FLDS we move on to the second issue. Why did Texas continue to search? Because (absent a conspiracy) they certainly COULD, if they saw evidence of a crime while at the YFZ ranch. Enter the myth of "pregnant underage girls." We know now that they saw no such people.

Among the large group of girls and women that Texas took into custody were two pregnant women. Both have been shown to have been of age to the satisfaction of Texas. Both gave birth. If there was a third girl or woman or perhaps more, they weren't "seen" for this simple reason. No FLDS woman/girl at YFZ that was SEEN and judged to be "underage" has given birth since the raid, other than those two. They were not underage. Any pregnant underage girls at YFZ at the time of the raid were mostly likely no more than five months along. Why? It's almost August.

Thus there were no "pregnant underage girls." What then was the "crime" or "crimes" that Texas supposedly saw that caused the ongoing investigation that turned up the evidence of Teresa Jeffs diary and "spiritual marriage?" This little uncomfortable question is the one with no acceptable answer.

Jesus once raised the bar on the men ready to stone the woman "caught in adultery." She was caught in the "very act." He asked for one to come forward to cast the "first stone" that was "without sin." Everyone left. If we as citizens of his country allow the public humiliation of Teresa Jeffs to continue, we do a far more ugly thing than the stoning of the adulterous woman. We allow the destruction of lives at YFZ to go on, knowing full well that if our lives were turned inside out as theirs were, as Teresa Jeffs was, that we could be made to LOOK as bad, worse even, and we probably WOULD be worse. Who among us could stand the scrutiny of having all our possessions thrown onto the lawn of our homes and pawed through? Our computor hard drives exhaustively searched for porn or financial records or tax returns? Our cars stripped to the floor pans like in the "French Connection?"

The answer is that if we did this to the very persons who conducted the raid, we'd have no law enforement left to protect us and we really all ought to be in jail with them. There are limits. This has gone too far. Texas cannot tell us why they were searching the YFZ ranch, they can only tell us what they found when they were there. The search is not the evidence they saw. They only have evidence from the search. They saw NOTHING. Thus they did not "see" evidence and proceeded with a search, they searched to find evidence. That is what they are NOT allowed to do. That is illegal search and seizure. Our Government is NOT permitted to search your home to find a crime. They are permitted to name a crime for which they have SOME evidence, and then search your home. More →

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The Second Bride

Suffice it to say having a second bride is very different from having one bride. Recently I received an overture to take a second bride and quick examination of the circumstance told me the answer was "no."

From all indications she was an excellent choice that I would have gladly embraced. It would have been wrong and nearly impossible for me to undertake her as a second bride. I sought instead another man for her. It seems she found that man. I rejoice for her and for him. More →

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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Latest Texas Lie.

To be fair, they might finally get one right, but their track record doesn't give me much hope. The Houston Chronicle (hat tip "I Perceive")

"'Based on the information in the attachments, CASA feels that (the girl) would be at risk for continued sexual abuse,' the CASA report states."

This disgusting quote is based on fallacy of complex question. A question exemplified by the classic "When did you stop beating your wife?" The most truthful answer, if you never have beaten your wife, is: "I haven't."

"Continued Sexual Abuse?" There is no documentation whatsoever that there has ever been SEXUAL CONTACT with Teresa Jeffs by ANYONE. More →

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

You think everyone KNOWS about the FLDS Fiasco? Wizbang wakes up and smells Colorado

No, they're not all following the story out there, even the news hounds. What? Rozita Swinton? Who's She? Wizbang wakes up. That's a fairly big blogger to be coming so late to such basic knowledge. That's how quiet the media really is about this. This blogger didn't even know the call from "Sarah" was a fake.

"If not for Don Surber's blog post, I wouldn't have known that the FLDS travesty, was all the result of an adult pretending to be sixteen."

That's how little awareness there is about the whole mess. I'll bet he doesn't know about her tangled relationships either. After all, only a small fraction of the press is covering it. More →

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Three Legged Stool, What is beyond reproach today?

The Holy Trinity of untouchability. It used to be said that you had the Holy Grail if you were female, and black. The theory being that these two interest groups held considerable power and if you were blessed with both disadvantages, you really held the trump cards of advantage.

What characteristic could YOU add, to make yourself bulletproof? Go ahead, guess. More →

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When Attorneys General are NOT interested in Justice

I have heard, and not followed closely the rumors and reports of yet another abuse call, probably from Rozita, in Hildale Utah. There seems to have been another one for Colorado City as well. We doubtless have no idea how extensive Rozita's "alleged" calling activity was. Just listen to the slick dodging, and the bottom line is "we're not going to do anything about it." After all, when someone is attacking your enemy or the person you want beat up on, you just stand by and say "oh my." Right?

This also seems to have been a case of venue shopping or whose turn it's going to be in the barrel. Texas got elected to do the dirty work. The aim was clearly at every available target. The evidence mounts for conspiracy since obviously the Attorneys Four who meet regularly communicate about everything else, and even did not see a justification for going in guns drawn, but Texas did. You mean UTAH knows it's a fake? ARIZONA knows it's a fake? TEXAS somehow does NOT? Texas clearly contained the target of opportunity, the test bed for the "one house" theory and the heaviest close concentration of FLDS. Utah demurs, Arizona demurs, Texas goes in.

The Deseret News - "The Utah Attorney General's Office has declined to investigate an apparent hoax call that sounded similar to the phone call that sparked the raid on the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch.

'We referred it back for local law enforcement to look at,' said Ken Wallentine, the Utah Attorney General's chief of law enforcement.

The Division of Child and Family Services received a phone call in April that alleged abuse in the FLDS border town of Hildale. DCFS has declined to release specific details about the call, but said it alleged child abuse and neglect and 'may be related to an ongoing criminal matter,' referring to the hoax call investigation in Texas."

To ask the question "is there no justice" insults my intelligence and yours. There is no justice, there is only politics. Politics unrestrained by justice soon reverts to open warfare. Politics after all, is warfare restrained.

Let's listen to the rest of the horse manure.

"'There seems to be some contextual similarity,' Wallentine said, noting it would be more appropriate for a local law enforcement agency to investigate."

What is this, a college lecture? "Contextual Similarity?"

"A spokeswoman for DCFS said Tuesday that local law enforcement did review the case, but nothing came of it. The call also lacked specific information about a victim and an address of the alleged abuse. 'We didn't have enough information to pursue a case," said Liz Sollis with the Utah Department of Human Services."

So here we have the professional evaluation of the kind of evidence Texas had. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

"Arizona child welfare authorities investigated a similar call and also took no action."

Arizona's opinion? Also too thin. This now SCREAMS the question "why did Texas think it was good enough?

In fairness to both states there was no crime committed against the FLDS in Arizona and Utah, only in Texas. But they coordinate on everything else, why aren't the coordinating and cooperating in finding out what's up with Rozita. As usual, the answer is always that they don't want us to know, what she knows. That is why she is not prosecuted, and why she is being skillfully kept away from the gullible press. More →

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Rozita Fooled you ONCE, shame on her, But Now she's fooled you TWICE, shame on you.

Ok Press, THAT'S TWICE Rozita Swinton has avoided you. First on Friday she slips in early and ALONE, with a new "do" and terminator glasses. Of course, nothing's wrong, it's just one of those things, so and so the prosecutor, had to "be in Denver" later that morning. That's ONCE.

Then Monday, neither SHE nor her ATTORNEY show for the court date that has been splattered all over the press. Instead, she slips in TUESDAY after "making a mistake" about the time and place and needing to show up, and the court goes along with it, canceling the arrest warrant. There was the curious phrasing in the notification to the press late Monday afternoon that they'd have more TOMORROW which virtually screamed that they were in contact with Ms. Swinton. The exact words that Kathleen Walsh used were;

"I will not have further information until tomorrow (Tuesday) at the earliest."

We now know what this probably meant, "I'm in ongoing discussions with the client and her attorney, we'll let you know, maybe tomorrow (Tuesday)." David Foley doesn't show up because he knows she won't be there. Rozita doesn't show up Monday either. David talks to the court, and we sneak Rozita in on Tuesday.

I'm sorry, but I'd be so hot right now if I were the press that I'd have a private detective on Rozita like icing on cake until the next court date. There's CLEARLY a story here. CLEARLY people don't want us or you to know what it is. Heck guys and gals, if you're not going to do your job, why not send me about $5000.00, I'll QUIT my job and I'll go down to Colorado, find her, and tail her until she DOES show up in court the next time.

You're BEING HAD. You're being had by Rozita, and her attorney and the Colorado courts and by the state of Texas, and you're going around like lambs to the slaughter, acting like nothing is wrong. WAKE UP. THIS IS A STORY! More →

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Who is Becky Hoerth?

Earlier in the history of the raid, KRDO published THIS story. I'd read it, but my friend "Toes" at "Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart" brought it to my attention again.

"Becky Hoerth tells police that the allegations against Swinton don't surprise her, considering 'Rozita's delusions and disassociations.'

Hoerth goes on to tell police that she's sure Swinton is on medications, 'whether or not she's taking the medication, she's not sure.' Hoerth says she never saw Swinton call 'crisis hotlines' but says, 'Maybe this was going on while she was sleeping and she didn't know.' Hoerth says Swinton hated talking on the phone, and if she did, it was inly to speak briefly to her mother.

When asked if Swinton speaks with her father, Hoerth said she does, but when he tries to contact her, she often doesn't respond.

Swinton previously told Castle Rock Police that she was sexually molested by her father and even had a child with him. Police later determined that was a lie. She later pleaded guilty to making a false report and was given a year-long deferred sentence.

Hoerth moved in with Swinton earlier this month, and she says the first week Swinton didn't talk. 'Rozita was very much to herself and kept to herself.' It wasn't until April 9th that Rozita started to come around, she tells police, "They started actually doing dinner together and went mountain biking."

So is Becky a recent acquaintance? If so how does she know all this detailed stuff? Maybe she's not so recent an acquaintance and we've been ignoring a material part of the story.

In the 1998 Mantou Springs Mayors Cup, Becky, a distance runner, shows up here:

"63 9/9 BECKY HOERTH 25 0:46:31.1"

Rozita Swinton and Becky Hoerth have known each other for a while it would seem, both are members of
Pikes Peak Road Runners. They've known each other, for a while it would seem. Three years or more.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swinton not on the lam, it's all a "misunderstanding."

But the bottom line is that after escaping cameras by rescheduling EARLY on Friday, Rozita and her attorney probably missed a more aggressive press corp on Monday by not showing up at all. Neither of them.

Oh come on. It doesn't take a couple of Rocket Scientists to smell THIS. The Denver Post.

"A woman considered a person of interest in an investigation of phone calls that may have sparked a raid on a Texas polygamist group appeared in a Colorado courtroom Tuesday, a day after she was supposed to appear in a separate case.

The lawyer for Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs said the no-show on the charge of violating probation was because of a misunderstanding and Swinton didn't realize she had to appear, said Kathleen Walsh, a spokeswoman for the 18th Judicial District.

The judge then quashed an arrest warrant that was issued after Swinton failed to appear at the hearing Monday, Walsh said. She will be due in Douglas County District Court again Aug. 6."

Ok, I KNEW, and if Rozita didn't think SHE had to show, why is it that her attorney didn't think HE had to show? We all knew out HERE she had to be in court, neither of them did? This smells.

I smell either Tactics or BS, one or the other. Most likely BOTH. Another delay for a month, just like the last time. Now we get Harry Reid's Senate hearings and more Texas Grand Jury Funtime before Rozita is in court again. You ABSOLUTELY cannot get me to believe that this is the real story.

Again, I knew she was to be in court today, the PRESS knew she was to be in court today, SHE DIDN'T KNOW? Her attorney who is an experienced prosecutor "didn't know?" Whatever happened we now have people politely agreeing to say it was all "just a misunderstanding." Time to roll up you pants, it's too late to save your shoes.

PS: I'm going to add my best guess. She flew the coop, and her attorney knew it, therefore David Foley didn't show. I don't know when the honorable Mr. Foley got the call from Rozita that she had taken off, but he got it. Maybe she's in Tennessee when she calls, who knows. She can't make it back to Colorado in time to be in court.

Douglas county issued a media communique that said there would be "more information in the morning" about the arrest warrant, which they pretty much had to issue. THIS suggests that David Foley is in communication all day with Douglas county trying to smooth things over and by the end of today, a compromise is reached. Rozita will come back, we'll say it's all a big misunderstanding, and reset the court date to August 6th. Well, you know what my buddies Penn and Teller would say.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Rozita Swinton is on the LAM, a FUGITIVE!

An arrest warrant was issued Monday for a woman considered a person of interest in phone calls that may have sparked a raid on a Texas polygamist group. The warrant was issued after she didn't show up in court on the charges of violating probation.

Rozita Swinton, of Colorado Springs failed to show up for a hearing in Douglas County District Court on Monday afternoon for one of two false-reporting cases against her in Colorado."

Maybe she ran off with the one armed man. My instinct would be to check first, at her Foster Mother's house. David Foley, her attorney, DID NOT SHOW EITHER.

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Harry Reid decides to be the Special Persecutor.

Senator Harry "Javert" Reid decides to join in the pursuit. The Texas Grand Jury meets on this month on the 22nd, "Javert," our Senate Majority leader, proposes to start his inquisition on the 24th.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will take his quest for a federal investigation of a polygamous sect before the Judiciary Committee next week.

The Nevada Democrat requested and received the July 24 hearing before the committee, during which he will present evidence to support a federal crime investigation of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a spokesman said."

How monstrously stupid can he be? The FLDS is WINNING so far.
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Mary Catharine Nelson Update

The foster mother of Rozita Swinton, who was so concerned about the effect publicity would have on "the Children" has her website back up. Supposedly connecting her with her REAL name would be a danger to "the Children."

She took down her website and from what I can tell by the new edition, the major difference is the absence of Dr. Peggy Ann Way's name at the site. Of course I may stroll around it and find it somewhere else on the page.

Originally the ODD site "" had Dr. Peggy Ann Way listed as the site owner. She wasn't of course, and then the site was upgraded to the slightly more truthful disclosure that it was owned by "Kate Rosemary." I haven't checked to see if Mary has fessed up to owning it herself. Kate Rosemary and Mary Catharine Nelson, are one in the same.

Just to refresh your memories. Mary Catharine Nelson/Kate Rosemary is the author of two books that mention Rozita by her first name. Mary took great care to hawk those books when Rozita was first discovered. Then she pulled a Garbo. Then it was discovered that not only did she author those books, but that she owns/manages Published by Westview, the Publishing company. She is also the "source close to" in the article about Rozita that appeared in "the Westview." More →

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LGF Buh Bye

I've had it with Little Green Footballs war on Creationism. I realize that Charles Johnson is not a Creationist, that is certainly his privilege. Not that it will impact his stellar numbers any but I'm taking him off the blogroll for two reasons. The aforementioned, and the fact that there has not been one mention of the FLDS Fiasco on his blog.

I thank him for his invaluable political work, particularly the highlighting so dramatically of the fake Bush Air Guard memo. Devastating stuff. Effective stuff. Goodbye Charles, have a nice life. More →

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colorado Police search FLDS property.

I really don't like it when things seem like a coincidence in this case, because they usually aren't. This suggests cross talk between states. Oddly, Texas can encourage (it would seem) Colorado to go to the FLDS property there and search high and low, but they can't seem to remember to find out anything about the woman who made the calls. Rozita? Rozita Swinton? Seems to me that there was something important about her, never mind...

A Colorado sheriff used a search warrant to accompany zoning officials on a search of property tied to the Fundamentalist LDS Church.

The Deseret News -"Custer County Sheriff Fred Jobe obtained the warrant after FLDS members initially denied them entry to the property near Westcliffe, Colo., on July 3. Custer County zoning director Jackie Hobby told the Deseret News she was investigating a zoning complaint about property owned by a member of the polygamous sect.

'We have to follow up on complaints,' she said Friday."

Yes, yes of course, let's have ourselves a "witch hunt." I've heard there are witches out there.

"Hobby said she had concerns about venturing onto the property alone and asked to have a police escort.

'They (the FLDS) said no, I could come by myself but I couldn't bring the cops in,' she said."

Aww, are we afraid that the FLDS might react like they did in Eldorado and form a human cordon around, um, a, concrete pad?

"'Jobe obtained a warrant that allowed him and another deputy to escort Hobby onto the property, she said. Jobe didn't return a call seeking comment on Friday, but he told Westcliffe's Wet Mountain Tribune newspaper the warrant did not allow them to search anything for signs of criminal activity.

'Had we seen any criminal activity in plain sight we could have taken action. But that was not the case. We saw no criminal activity,' he told the newspaper."

My guess is the building inspection and the warrant for Jobe to bring a deputy was really to get the deputy on site so if there was some "criminal activity" they could "see it." They did cite the FLDS in Colorado with a couple of building code violations.

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Texas Nazis Terrorize Child in Broad Daylight, possible signal that CPS evidence tainted. Case in DEATH THROES?

This pretty much says it all; (another FLDS child, pictured to the right, seems terrified)

The Salt Lake Tribune - "The Texas Attorney General's Office served a search warrant on Veda Keate, 19, in Converse, Texas, at the apartment where she is living with her 2-year-old daughter, sister and mother. Robert Switzer, a San Antonio defense attorney, arranged for Keate to meet with a nurse and two deputies.

Keate told The Salt Lake Tribune she and her daughter had given two previous DNA samples and she protested having to undergo a third collection. Keate said she asked why the AG's office could not use samples taken by Texas Child Protective Services.

'They said this was for something different,' she said.

The AG's office is leading a criminal investigation into underage marriages involving FLDS members. The Tribune was unable to reach a spokesman for the office Saturday evening, but WOAI, News 4, of San Antonio, said a spokesman on Friday was asked about the collection and said the office is 'working with local and state investigators into possible criminal activity at the polygamist compound.'

Keate gave her sample but her daughter began screaming when the nurse attempted to swab the child's mouth.

'They wanted me to get her in their car and I said, "No, I'm going to stand right here." They finally just forced it into her mouth,' Keate said.

Switzer said the child's fear was understandable given that 'the last time guys with a couple guns came, it didn't work out so good.'

Reporters witnessed the 45-minute encounter, which took place outside Keate's home.

'I wasn't very pleased,' she said. 'I'm just ready for them to be done.'

Switzer said he and Keate were shown an affidavit that said Texas authorities believe his client's child was fathered by (FLDS leader Warren S.) Jeffs when she was under the legal age of consent - which is 16 for a legal marriage and 17 for sexual contact when there is an age difference of three years or less."

This is protecting the children? Sounds more like the public rape of a child to me. This is also a possible signal that Texas believes it MAY NOT BE ABLE TO USE EVIDENCE COLLECTED EARLIER, they may be losing confidence in the warrant to collect that DNA and need to collect another sample. Hence the words "This (is) for something DIFFERENT."

There was one other curious line in the story;

Sources close to the (grand jury) proceedings have told The Tribune that one witness has been dismissed as a witness."

Eh? Who? What does this mean? I speculate that the Grand Jury meets in 9 days. Under the radar, on the weekend, the AG's office collects another sample. Suppose that the case is now in the FINAL stages of collapse. A witness is dismissed from the Grand Jury proceedings. (I'd like to know WHO.) Evidence is collected for the third time. It sounds as if they may need a reason to keep Veda Keate in the state or they fear she could be free to leave the state soon, or both.

UPDATE: Kurt at "I Perceive" agrees, sounds like they need "untainted" evidence. Really, I smell imminent case collapse syndrome.
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