Saturday, May 17, 2008

Again, Texas lied, lied bald faced and has no excuse.

At the Plural Life, Brooke Adams shows the duplicity of Texas in sharp relief.

"In the court filing, the state identified Pamela and listed her approximate age as '15 or 16 years of age.'

It identified her husband as Jackson Jessop, age 22.

Now, here is one thing interesting about that.

Pamela was one of the 20 women identified by CPS investigator Angie Voss during the April 17-18 hearing has having been a minor when she gave birth to her first child.

Pamela is listed on a chart Voss prepared and introduced as evidence during the hearing before Judge Barbara Walther. It shows her date of birth as 12/9/1989, which Voss used to calculate that Pamela was 16 when she gave birth to her first son on Aug. 1, 2006.

Which also means that Texas CPS already knew, before it classified her as a disputed minor and petitioned for custody of her child, that Pamela is 18."

And then there is this;

"One entry shows Louisa has having been 14 when she gave birth and 13 when she conceived Mattie; the other shows her as having been 15 at the child's birth and 14 when she conceived.

The state used that miscalculation to its full advantage to talk about girls as young as 13 getting pregnant."

Louisa was 14 when she conceived, she is 22 now so she conceived first, in the year 2000. At that time, where she lived she could by law give consent. Since she could what is shown here is not an illegal act.

It is distressing to know that our government lies, but for any adult it is sad but no longer a surprise. It is more distressing to know that in the MSM, this is not being covered. Outside of the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News there is no activism for this story. Other papers have waited and largely ignored the story but now cover it in a standoffish way. That would be the Austin American-Statesman. Some are clearly cheering the CPS on. Some have the occasional good investigative story such as the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News but the volume of coverage coming out of those papers wouldn't propel the story. Don't get me wrong, it's good stuff but it's not enough. Michelle Roberts over at the AP has been on it in relatively fair fashion, but she too would not drive the story. The San Angelo Standard-Times is a great source of information due mostly to the fact of their literal proximity to the story.

Bottom line, if it were not for the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, I think the FLDS would be toast. None of us bloggers beat the street to get the story. We keep you abreast of it. We analyze well I think, but the soldiers in the trenches on this story are the Brooke Adams of the world, and their editors.

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TexasRN said...

Just a note that I think that the extra child "Mattie" shown on CPS chart for Louisa Jessop is not even Louisa's child. Her husband and she have stated they have 3 children, and Mattie is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Kudos to Brooke Adams!