Friday, May 16, 2008

Ask Rick Perry Why He's Wasting Your Money Texas, on the FLDS FIASCO

I was waiting for this one. It's the tip of the iceberg, I promise you.

The Austin American-Statesman - "The massive child welfare operation that began in early April with a state raid of a West Texas ranch owned by a polygamous sect cost nearly $7.5 million in the first 19 days, according to records from Gov. Rick Perry's office.

A spokeswoman for Perry cautioned that the numbers — obtained through the Texas Public Information Act — are preliminary and unaudited, and Perry's office has yet to release official costs."

And they've got NOTHING. No charges, no evidence, no warrants, no suspects. PULL THE PLUG NOW. Where are the "Fiscal Conservatives" on this issue? This has been going on for 43 days, not 19. Expect the costs to treble, quadruple. More.

Rick, you owe the taxpayers of Texas an explanation for this state funded personal hate crusade.

Pull up a chair, get your popcorn. It's the epic real time CPS reality show, with no winners, on Texas Taxpayer Pay Per View.

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