Saturday, May 24, 2008

Press Corp Natives get Restless over FLDS Case

It's like the light went off when the appeals court said "Whoa!" Now the flock that is the press is seeking new direction;

The San Antonio Express-News - "'They have created chaos. They don't know what to do. This case has holes in it the size of the Grand Canyon,' said Laura Shockley, a Dallas family law specialist with six clients in the case. 'There is no way to fix this.'"

Suddenly the paradigm shifts and it's the FLDS side of the story that has weight. We get reports of what the problems have been all along;

"In court documents and in interviews, lawyers for the children and parents have complained the state has made a number of legal errors primarily through CPS, but also through law enforcement and judges, including:

•Insufficient investigation of the initial tip and tipster;

•Insufficient investigation at the ranch about who was in immediate danger;

•Treating the entire compound as one household, though there were 19 separate residences;

•Taking all children instead of just the post-pubescent girls who could have been subjected to the feared sexual abuse by older men;

•Presenting insufficient evidence at the first hearing for the children;

•Holding that hearing for the mass of children, rather than holding individual hearings;

•Shifting burden of proof to parents to prove innocence, rather than having CPS prove guilt."

It's hard to argue with the obvious, haven't we been saying this?

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