Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Texas asking FLDS to pay for their own persecution

I'm not the first to mention it. Some things I don't consider to be as important as others. This comes under the category of the big "Duh." Of course they will do this. The news comes when and if the FLDS gets out of this alive, and they still try to bill them for the destruction of their lives.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "One lawmaker on the Senate Finance Committee questioned whether the state could make the adults left behind on the ranch - valued at $20.5 million - foot the bill.
"I would encourage you to aggressively pursue any of those assets to fund this," said Republican Sen. Bob Deuell of Greenville."

Dig deep because there will be a lawsuit if you don't justify this lawless search and seizure. What needs to be watched for is the freezing of any assets of the FLDS so that they can't get to them, during these proceedings.

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