Thursday, May 15, 2008

Governor Perry Refused to meet with John Kight.

Clearly Governor Rick Perry knows the FLDS case is credible and is afraid that it is KNOWN that he knows. Plausible deniability, thus he does not "hear" the MHMR argument. Been there, done that. When I tried to meet representing a group of concerned citizens regarding managed mental health care in Montana, Lt Governor Judy Martz was going to meet with us, and then at the last minute, didn't show. She scheduled us instead with the very people about which we had a complaint.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "But John Kight, chairman of Hill Country Community MHMR board, said he has been rebuffed in his attempts to talk with Perry but he is still trying to arrange a meeting."

This way he can later say "Oh, I did not know that" and back away from CPS. Right now Governor Perry is not going to "know" that something is wrong.

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