Saturday, May 17, 2008

None Dare Call YFZ a Conspiracy.

A month ago I said this in a forum that I no longer participate in. Their choice. A good deal of what follows is from that discussion. Oddly I offered this on the very evening Rozita Swinton was outed. Before I knew there was a Rozita Swinton. Immediately after posting, ABC's Nightline outed Rozita. From the Salt Lake Tribune (sorry, the link is expired);

"Angie Voss said in a San Angelo court today that she talked to psychiatrist Bruce Perry of Texas and Rebecca Musser. Perry has worked with children from the Branch Davidian sect, whose compound in Waco, Texas, was burned down during an FBI siege that claimed the lives of 76 people, 21 of them children.

Musser is the sister of Elissa Wall, who testified in a Utah court last year that she was 14 when Jeffs arranged for her to marry her 19-year-old cousin over her objections."

Let's look at this interesting cast of characters.

Perry is connected to Waco. Dang. I would want someone NOT associated with Waco if I was invading a "religious cult's" compound. Could be that he is the perfect professional choice, but I'd pick someone without the connection. Were we just trying to do Waco better, with less loss of life?

Rebecca Musser. Now this is NOT an impartial party. She is ex FLDS, she is Elissa Wall's sister.

"Wall also has a lawsuit against Jeffs pending in Utah court. Musser, a plural wife of the late Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs' father, also testified in the Utah trial."

Rebecca testified at Wall's rape trial, and Wall has a LAWSUIT against Jeffs. Were they on a fishing expedition for evidence to use in Wall's lawsuit? This stink, this stinks, this stinks.

As I was writing this post (on April 17th) Nightline suggested a black woman may be involved in the phone call that initiated the raid. To my knowledge, there are no black FLDS members. Rozita Swinton is 33, and NOT FLDS.

Now to the new stuff. This explains my ongoing interest in Rozita Swinton. I dislike conspiracy theories because I think conspiracies will out. So when I refer to a conspiracy I generally refer to something that can be proved. Not some whacked out who shot Kennedy type investigation. Oswald shot Kennedy. He acted alone. Too many people would have had to be involved for any other scenario to have worked and I'm with Robert Heinlein. When there are three people in a conspiracy, the chances are even that one is a traitor.

Let's look at our cast of characters. Rozita is a troubled woman at best. At worst she is a troubled evil woman. If you look at who is involved in the advice leading up to the YFZ raid you have the potential for another conflagration equal to or worse than that of Waco. Rozita is guilty of attempted murder in my view.

Our resident FLDS Hater, Flora Jessop is also deeply involved. She's appeared numerous times on television and talked for about 40 plus hours on the phone to Rozita. She then turns on Rozita and to some extent Texas by saying that she warned Texas that the phone call was suspicious.

This week Elissa Wall's book comes out complete with fawning interviews and softball questions that ignore confessions that Elissa has made about herself that don't always paint her in a great light. I do not think all was kosher with what went on between her and Allen Steed and also Warren Jeffs. I genuinely at this point in time think of Elissa as a victim. I think there is more to the other side of the story and her martyrdom may not be as extensive as we are led to believe. Oddly she may be a victim of more than one person. Perhaps of Flora Jessop as well.

Elissa stood to benefit from this conveniently timed raid by all the publicity it generated for her story. She has a lawsuit that may make her millions.

Rebecca Musser stands to benefit. She is a sister. Family members share. Documents recovered during the YFZ raid are already being subpoenaed for other actions. Sooner or later they will be for Elissa's action as well.

Flora Jessop was a bit player. She's been on a few cable documentaries but hasn't really been that big a splash outside of the Warren Jeffs issue. Now she's all over the place. Getting the FLDS is a full time job for Flora. Really. Without the story and the miniseries and the heroine status she's just a girl from the country who was a topless dancer for a while. She gets revenge and money and full time consultant status whenever a "polygamist compound" is discovered.

There is the bizarre story of Rozita Swinton whose name appears in two books that the author is trying to publicize by using her name. Merry Cate Noel, Kate Rosemary, whoever you are, I sure wish you'd come forward and clear some things up. (UPDATE: "Kate Rosemary" is actually her own publisher, at "Published by Westview", she is the Vice President, Mary Catharine Nelson. She refuses to talk, citing an agreement with David Foley, Rozita's attorney. It figures at this point, she has a "Book Deal" too.)

Rozita has a known history of calling crisis centers with fake information and causing untold expenditures of money dating back to 2005. I'm sure what we know is the tip of the iceberg. I am fairly certain that if we could know more about Rozita we'd be able to answer some of the conspiracy issue questions that I have pushed forward. I tend to regard her mostly as a pawn. Who's to say that Rozita wasn't discovered as a "talent" and used to "get" the FLDS for Flora's and Elissa's benefit?

Someone with the investigative power needs to connect all the dots, and tell us where the connections are, and are not. It may turn out in the end that Rozita is just a tragically ill woman who needs help, mostly because one of her pranks will kill someone someday if it hasn't already.

It may be that Flora just let Texas act and conspired to do nothing. Texas wanted an excuse, and took the first one that came along. They had been planning this for a while.

It may be the Rebecca Musser is just a bad person to take advice from, and not complicit with her sister.

It might be as bad as Texas planned it all, couldn't develop a complaint and they went and found a patsy, with Elissa, Rebecca and Flora all standing in line to get their palm greased. The answers could already be on the table, if those that could look, would look.

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Anonymous said...

First you have to see the dots . . . then you can connect them.

Robert said...

Anyone who cannot see the dots at this point either needs glasses or simply has thier eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

After a bright flash of brilliant light, you may see spots before your eyes. However, those are not dots, they are spots. There's a difference.