Friday, May 16, 2008

Texas LUSTED after FLDS children, and were selling them probably before the raid.

The evil is beginning to show. I have long suspected and declared that this raid was planned not in response to actual wrong, but because the FLDS had many enemies who desired their demise. I think that will be shown in the end. William Grigg of Pro Libertate digs deep and stares into the eyes of the monster, whose fangs lustfully drip, and whose feet speed to do evil.

"So it's clear that Walther, like most people who wear the habiliments of the judicial profession, is guilty of serious crimes against the Constitution. But she hasn't yet issued an order to 'terminate' the parental rights of the FLDS mothers. The obvious import of the letter cited above is that this development is a foregone conclusion, since provisions have already been made for long-term custodial care for the abducted children by Arrow and other foster care/adoption agencies.

'These children will be in a wonderful Christian environment,' gushes the author of that letter, who goes on to explain that the Arrow Center was in need of volunteers to help clean the facility and perform other routine tasks 'over the next couple of years.' Furthermore, 'it looks like CPS [Child "Protective" Services] is coordinating with the University of Texas to have a charter school on site at the retreat center. This will take place in the fall. Therefore: Arrow will have to build several new buildings for the school.'"

There was a well thought out coordinated plan much like the scene in "Braveheart" where Longshanks has planned in advance a war that might result while he is talking peace. This article makes it look clearly as if several people were "in on it" and had even promised the spoils of children to the lustful arms of a waiting adoption agency.

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