Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FLD$ Check Please!

Oh, I do love these occasions when I get to look into the future. In a story dated Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 (tomorrow).

The Austin American-Statesman - "With court costs expected to top $2.25 million — even before lawyer fees are included — legal proceedings from April's raid on a polygamist group's ranch near Eldorado promise to be a budget buster for rural Schleicher County."

We'll never know how much it costs to catch the guy (if they EVER catch him) that had sex 4 years ago with a 14 year old. Or maybe it's the guy that had sex one year ago with a 16 year old....if they exist at all. It's nice to keep a running tab on what we do know Texas is paying.

Wait until the hearings start. This is starting to be a major line item on the Texas budget. People want to see their FLD$ criminals doing the perp walk. They're not getting their money's worth.

You know we could solve all of this by just having all the prosecutors do this pro bono.

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Melanie said...

Well, via The Common Room:


They're considering having the sect pay for this fiasco.

Hugh McBryde said...

They're going to have to find some form of abuse and sell the idea that the whole community is liable. If they win the FLDS will pay some of it. If they don't, Texas will pay all of it. The FLDS does not have this kind of money.