Thursday, May 22, 2008

"The Raid, Part Deux" offers frightening insights into CPS Power.

The Texas Keystone Gestapo returned to YFZ yesterday and tried to get in again. Their actions indicate an agency with no concept of restraint, at least until now. I think their only cause for restrained behavior in this case is that CPS is beginning to have a dim awareness of growing public discontent regarding their actions;

The Deseret News - "Texas child welfare authorities were huddling late Wednesday to decide what avenues to pursue. Because they are a civil agency, officials noted they may not need a warrant to conduct a civil investigation. Asked if they plan to return and force their way onto the property, CPS couldn't say."

What kind of "civil investigation?" Does this mean they can conduct armed warrantless searches of YFZ or your home for that matter? Will they sue YFZ for children that they cannot produce?

I learn uncomfortable things about the CPS each day that disturb me, such as the fact that not only do they conduct "civil proceedings" with regard to your children, but that they are a "civil agency." A government funded lawsuit machine that can take your kids. A sort of postal service that steals children. Doesn't this frighten you?

What was encouraging was to see CPS floundering at the gate. I think they are clearly a rogue agency, more so now than I ever did before.

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TexasRN said...

I am convinced that CPS only pulled this stunt to take media attention away from the court hearings. They don't like it that their screw ups are starting to get reported. Whereas commentary on newsites and blogs in the first weeks was 90-10 in favor of CPS, opinion now is swaying against CPS. You'll also notice that almost nothing was reported from the hearings yesterday - all the reporters rushed off to the ranch. It was staged to distract the media and the public and try to sway them back to the CPS side.

Hugh McBryde said...

That's one take on it that I like, (in terms of likelihood.) CPS has engaged in distractions before as we know. There is no reason for the action to represent more than one motivation or condition.

One probable reason for this action is that Texas now knows it has no peg to hang it's molestation hat on. As we have no accurate count of 14 year olds, 15 year old and 16 year olds and as the FLDS yesterday attacked the idea that a 14 year old was pregnant, I think CPS now knows they may run out of candidates for abuse before the DNA evidence comes in. To some degree I think this represents a sort of panic or "Battle of the Bulge." Texas is cornered logistically and sought to "break out." It didn't work.

Hugh McBryde said...

I should be clear that there is also no reason to think that the action doesn't represent more than one motivation or condition.