Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I was sleeping, then I wasn't, so I wonder.

An alarm went off. Supposedly it detects a gas leak. Of late it only seems to detect when it is that I have just fallen asleep.

I wonder again about our friend Rozita Swinton. I am at a dead end when it comes to getting more information out of Tennessee that might help unravel her story. In about three weeks Rozita goes to court again. She of course is out roaming free, while the human carnage that she helped created becomes more and more appalling.

I continue to think there is a story hear that is relevant to the greater story of the FLDS Fiasco. Anyone who reads this blog who lives in Tennessee, particularly Nashville is invited to help. I am in need of real information on her foster mother, if in fact there really is one.

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1 comment:

EllaJac said...

I'm sure you've seen the blog, but FLDS View puts Flora Jessop as the puppetmaster of this Rosita, for both the false Arizona calls and this one.