Friday, May 23, 2008

Unfinished FLDS business

It's not over for the FLDS, it ought to be, but it's not. The exchange between Judge Andrew Napolitano and E. D. "Rip 'n Read" Tarbox Hill over at Fox News shows how much ignorance on the issue there still is.

Perhaps the Judge didn't get the word in edgewise while E. D. was popping her cork but he neglected to mention to Ms. Rip 'n' Read that there had been no documented harm of a sexual or violent nature to FLDS kids at YFZ. CPS had an imploding list of "underage pregnant/had been pregnant" girls that was being eroded from both ends. It seems evident now that my analysis of the reasons CPS went back to the ranch is fairly accurate, I had the view that it was mostly desperation on the part of CPS and that they were running low on potential victims so they went back to get more. They were trying to save their case.

Ms. Rip 'n' Read was still spewing the unsubstantiated and relying on the notion that real harm was occurring as a result of FLDS teachings. Our "Dirty Laundry" award winner seems to not realize that no matter how counter intuitive it may appear to her inflamed sensibilities, the acts she fears would result from such teachings, weren't happening. There are many still reading Ellen Goodman's stupid (no other good word for it folks) column and believing her abbreviated fact set and listening "Bleached Blond" tell us what she fears is going on, that in fact, is not going on at all. It will take a long time to clear up the public perception that those things the FLDS were alleged to have done, simply had not been done.

Something might still be discovered but I pray Texas now has good enough sense to let it just drop. Whatever they might discover wasn't what they had a warrant for and wasn't what they thought they saw upon entry into YFZ and they should just let it drop. That will be hard to do for people trying to hang on to their cash, their jobs and possibly their freedom.

There is also the matter of Rozita Swinton. Up until this point my ongoing search for the truth about her background and friends has led me to the doorstep of her apparent foster parent and there I've run into stonewalling and roadblocks.

Paula Underwood Winters, the publisher for that apparent foster parent's books wrote a fluff piece on Rozita that among other things said that Rozita went on a mission to El Salvador and said she was Mormon. Well, she wasn't a LDS missionary, that I have confirmed in my own research.

Chasing down the elusive "Kate Rosemary" aka "Merry Cate Noel" (now know to be Mary Catharine Nelson) has led me to the bay area of California. I have found her blurb writers out there, Martha Whitmore Hickman and Peggy Ann Way. I have phone numbers on Martha and Peggy. Peggy's answering machine is full. Martha doesn't return calls, but does return emails.

I've asked Merry Kate Rosemary Noel via email the point blank question; "Are you Rozita Swinton?" Her answer was to refer me to Rozita's lawyer David W. Foley of Colorado Springs and told me per agreement with him, she would not talk about Rozita. Mr. Foley would not return my calls. Remember, this is from a woman that already has tried to promote her two books using excerpts about Rozita shortly after Rozita was arrested. I'm hardly invading her privacy.

Why would a woman who is Rozita's foster parent have trouble answering if she was a seperate entity from Rozita? We know Rozita makes up fantastic stories some of which are repeated as fact by Paula Underwood Winters in the Westview. We know she has claimed many personalities. We know she pretends to be many different people. Is she her own apologist in the form the author of books that show her in a one dimensional warm fuzzy way? I've read the excerpts, they amount to "Rozita is just the nicest person, ever." Two books that say "Oh what a really really nice person Rozita is." They start getting published about the time that Rozita starts going on her calling spree.

Martha for her part was asked if she knew "Merry Kate Rosemary Noel" and she acknowledged that she did. She was also asked if MKRN was white and if she had met our apparent foster parent. She answered that MKRN was white. I repeated the question to her about having MET MKRN in person. She refused to answer.

This is a story. Maybe not a big one but it is a story. It should not slip between the cracks. Rozita is being treated with extreme deference. Apparently, she still has her job, but her employer says she's not around. Her apparent foster parent protects her. Her apparent foster parent's publisher writes gushy but false articles about her past, supplied with "facts" from whom? She has a support group that seems to be living in and around the bay area of San Francisco. Shortly after I published the story that Mary Kate Rosemary Noel was talking albeit sparingly, to me, I got an explosion of web hits from the same area the emails came from, all searching for "Rozita Swinton" and winding up with my blog as a result.

Rozita Swinton has done great damage. She is not a Tragic and Sympathetic figure. She has set in motion events on an ever larger scale throughout her recent life that have cost tens of millions of dollars and disrupted lives and could very well have caused loss of life. Her court records are sealed. Her all female support group won't talk and that stinks.

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