Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I'll try to tell this story as accurately as I can. In my position I meet those from all walks of life. It is occasionally my great pleasure to meet those who serve, or have served.

In the last year the dealership I used to work at (I start a new job tomorrow, praise God), we sold a car to a WW II veteran of the Army Air Corp. The Air Force is of course a post WW II branch of our military. I have made it a habit to profusely and unconditionally thank veterans and serving military personnel for some time now.

This particular veteran served over Germany in a Flying Fortress, a radioman. Warming up to me he was willing to tell me his story of encountering flak over Germany on some of his missions, he showed me his wrist that was broken by shards of flak that took out the radio of his airplane. If I got this right, the shell shard is from a German "88" and it exploded near or in the B17 and fragments of it ended up in his radio. I apologize for the blurry nature of the picture, I fear I'll never see it again to get a better one.

Thanks to all veterans, living and dead, and those who serve now. We support them best when we support them in completing their missions, before they come home.

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