Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rozita Swinton Update

I just got a call from LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City. A few days ago I thought to call and ask if Rozita had ever been a missionary in any capacity, formal mission or aid, to any locale. A search of the computer records of the main sect of the Latter Day Saints (not to be confused with the FLDS) yielded no results.

Records at the LDS cover all their missions and are online back to a point in time where it would cover any potential Rozita Swinton involvement. Nonetheless my kind LDS assistant dutifully and unnecessarily had the microfiche records searched and they called back today. No Rozita Swinton. I had armed them with Rozita's full middle name and birth date which are available in her arrest warrant.

I have corresponded with the mysterious foster parent of Rozita, who is using the names of Kate Rosemary and Merry Cate Noel. I have two email addresses for Kate and they appear to originate from the San Francisco bay area in California. Rozita's author/foster parent refuses to answer any questions pleading an agreement with Rozita's attorney. One of the questions was whether or not she and Rozita are one in the same. Even this she refused to answer.

I contacted someone I know to be a real person, another published author who wrote a blurb for "Merry Kate Rosemary Noel" and asked if she had actually met the author and if she was white or black. I figured, if the answer is "white" (which it was) then clearly our apparent foster parent author would not be Rozita. But one of the questions I asked went unanswered, twice now. That being if our other unnamed author had actually MET "Merry-Kate-Rosemary-Noel" in person. She will not, as of this writing, answer that question.

Would I at this point bet my life, if I had to, that Rozita and her alleged foster parent author are the same person? No. But I'd be nervous in calling the bet that way.

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