Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Morning Article Roundup, FLDS Photo Analyzed

The only article I found that had new and interesting information was this one in the Salt Lake Tribune, Battle over FLDS kids gets rough;

"Willie Jessop, an FLDS member and spokesman, traveled to San Antonio on Friday and, until Saturday, had never seen the photographs.
He said he doesn't know the girl or anything about her situation.
He accused the state of making a calculated, unethical move by using and publicly releasing the photos.
'If that was your daughter, would you want the court to leak it to the media?' he asked. 'The state put those photographs out to insinuate there were marital relations that involved sexual intercourse, and that is not true.'
The girl, now 13, is in state custody and, like other children, has received a physical exam.
Whatever her situation, it does not 'give the state the right to take children away when it does not have anything to do with them,' Willie Jessop said."

I trust the FLDS on these issues. Why? I have not been lied to by them. Willie does a good job of showing that the state could care less about the girl in question. She will doubtless be identified by the information given by the state who used her callously to weight their case before the Supreme Court of Texas and in the public eye going into a long weekend.

The physical exam probably has told the state what it wants to know about her sexual condition. Since they have been so bold to USE the photograph, I daresay they already know the state of her chastity and would have also leaked that information if it would have aided their case. They didn't leak that information so we can assume she is chaste.

The rest of the news seems to have been articles written in advance of the weekend and are analysis oriented. By and large they are good. There's little to do in the way of breaking them down and analyzing them myself, because they are analysis. The above article in the Tribune is worth reading and contained that little snippet of new information so I offered my views.

Moving to the Deseret News.

Will signing abuse papers come back to haunt FLDS
? Just like it sounds. Future criminal cases could use the "admissions" the service plans are based on. Never mind that those signatures were extorted.

Utah, Texas laws are similar, FLDS population isn't
. Why has Mark Shurtleff settled on a strategy of driving the FLDS out instead of rounding them up? Try putting 10,000 kids in foster care.

And there is a nice short little time line piece that you can put on a 3 x 5 card and impress your friends with. Seem brilliant. Pick up chicks. (psst, that was for Polygyny enemies, it will lather them all up) Texas timeline.

I suggest everyone run over to the Dallas Morning News and rip them a new one for bannering this story that is in their index section as NEW TODAY; "
31 of 53 teen girls at FLDS ranch are pregnant or had baby ." Oh please. They're throwing up a story that's a month old and offering it as NEWS. It's FIVE you morons. Give them a big comment raspberry. After following this story in the press I'm not sure I can believe anything I read or see anymore. I have to cross reference and verify something before I even begin to suspect it is true.

There is a good speculative but researched article over at the Abilene Reporter-News asking "Why did FLDS sect pick Texas?"

Dawn Knobloch wrote a column for the Amarillo Globe-News
; "Texas applying cookie-cutter justice to FLDS" that I have mentioned before. Oddly right after I did it got referenced in other blogs. The Amarillo paper has never printed anything GOOD before, so I get suspicious that people aren't giving the proper hat tip. Oh well, as long as the story gets out. I can't really take credit for noticing that Dawn has a keen mind and writes well. Give it a look, she puts Ellen Goodman to absolute shame.

The Modern Pharisee starts his new job Tuesday and will be moving his palatial digs (an RV folks) to Arlee Montana tomorrow. Now critics can truly label me trailer trash. In any case if something breaks the rest of the day, I doubt I'll be on it. Today the wife is the absolute boss.

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