Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are we down to FIVE FLDS "Girls" that MAY have been pregnant?

First it was 31 girls 14-17. Then it was 29 when we lost two of the count as the state conceded that the two pregnant "girls" who gave birth were in fact women. From the AP via the Houston Chronicle.

Two dozen of the children may actually be adults; authorities are still trying to sort out whether nearly half the teen girls they've had in foster care facilities are actually adults. Last week, they conceded two women who gave birth since the raid are actually 18 and 22."

Now there are "two dozen children that may actually be adults?" So far when the FLDS has contended someone was an adult, they have been, so far when the state has been forced to admit a statistic was, um, "misleading" they've had to give ground. This causes me to place faith in the notion that if anything, there are more than 24 adults among the remaining 29 "children." Some will counter that it may be 24 of the remaining 51 but let's face it, it could be 24 or more of the remaining 29. That's the way the numbers have been breaking for Texas.

This TRULY begins to strain the Texas contention that they have girls that "may have been pregnant" are ranged between the ages of 14-17. 14, 15, 16, 17. Hmmm. That's four age groups. Since it is fair to say Texas has erred grossly in favor of it's case, there may be two 16 year olds and three 17 year olds. There even might be five 17 year olds. Frankly if they gave birth to a child in first five months of 2006 there is no evidence of a crime here either.

If it's the other way around, that about half the underage girls are adults out of 53 it also makes statistical sense that give or take 10, about half the remaining 29 "formerly pregnant girls" are still in that category. So as few as 4 perhaps, as many as 24? Again, I doubt the number will break in their favor. It will probably be shown that Texas had a methodology "favorable" to it's case as well, in estimating the number of "formerly pregnant persons." If the FLDS is law abiding as it is increasingly evident that they are, it would mean they ceased to impregnate girls under the age of 17 in September of 2005.

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