Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Dare Texas Again. Mainstream media slowly waking up.

I repeat the dare that I have made to Texas. Come up with a case number, a name, in which there is an INTERSECTION between the set of what was "eyeballed" at YFZ as Pregnant Underage Girls, and the "girls" they now have in state custody that are pregnant or were pregnant in the last month and a half. This is crucial. Texas was down to three pregnant girls, two of which were obvious. Showing. Two have given birth. WHO DID THEY EYEBALL?

The Houston Chronicle - "The teenager, 18-year-old Pamela Jeffs, gave birth to a boy on April 29. CPS officials said she was one of 27 girls in a 'disputed' minor category who once told CPS they were adults but later indicated they were under 18.

All 27 girls were among 463 children taken from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Yearning For Zion Ranch near Eldorado on April 4 and 5 after the state insisted all were either sexually or physically abused or at risk of abuse. Three weeks later, the children were scattered to foster care facilities throughout the state.

And now some are claiming to be have been adults all along.

The revelation came at a hearing in San Angelo on Tuesday, when a CPS attorney said a new mother who was in protective custody as a minor was in fact an adult, CPS spokeswoman Marleigh Meisner said."

If Texas did not see a pregnant underage girl then their second premise for the continued search, seizure and imprisonment of YFZ women and children fails. Namely, that they "eyeballed" evidence of another crime.

There is no SARAH you morons.

You SAW no other crime.

Texas, please, give up, quit, before the FLDS can sue the state into being chattel of the church.

Texas is depending on the increasingly unlikely event of finding another crime prior to the world around them waking up to the fact that what they did was wrong. Not just constitutionally, but intentionally and maliciously wrong. The clock is ticking.

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