Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Has CPS successfully extorted the FLDS again?

Judge for yourself. The way I read this Texas threatened to put 8 underage girls on the stand to blackmail someone in the FLDS into leaving a child in state custody;

The San Antonio Express-News - SAN ANGELO — "Seeking testimony about underage marriage, Child Protective Services was preparing to question at least eight girls seized from a polygamist sect's ranch, but a last-minute agreement in a custody hearing Tuesday kept them off the witness stand.

'It is highly unusual to have victims testify, and we only choose to do it in cases that are crucial to proving that abuse occurred,' CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins said.

Crimmins said the agreement achieved the state's most narrow objective — keeping a newborn in Texas care — though the agency may not get a similar future chance to showcase its most potentially damaging evidence.

'I don't know if there's another (civil) proceeding at which it would come to light,' Crimmins said."

Doesn't this sound like a correct paraphrase or a likely one of the exchange?

FLDS Parent: "Give me my baby!"

CPS: "Ok, but I'm going to take these 8 young children and question them about sexually charged subjects in open court."

FLDS Parent: "That's hideous! You wouldn't dare!"

CPS: "Watch me."

FLDS Parent: "Anything but that, if you keep the kids off the stand I'll let you keep my baby."

CPS: "Ok."

Or, "I'll torture these children unless you do things my way."

If this testimony was so important, why did they trade it for custody of one infant? It was a bluff and it was extortion. It also shows the lengths that CPS is willing to go.

Am I reading this wrong?

In other news Texas argues that if the Supreme court upholds the notion it had no right to the children, that they may lose the ability to get them back.


Texas had no right to take the children in the first place because there was no danger to them. Texas has found no adult male perpetrators of any crime against the children, but Texas reasons to the court that the children can't be protected from being victims of an unnamed crime by an unnamed assailant if they go back to the place where the crime is not occurring in the care of people who are not harming them. Furthermore, those parents may flee Texas where the state imprisons children and takes them from people who care for those children and do not harm them.

Read it yourself;

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram - "Updating an earlier appeal, Texas Child Protective Services lawyers argued that if the custody orders are rescinded, parents could take the children out of the state and 'no Texas court would have any authority to enter any orders to protect these children.'"

Go ask Alice....

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