Friday, May 23, 2008

Same "Stuff" Different day with CPS.

From the Deseret News we find that it's just SSDD with CSP.  It's all YADA YADA YADA.

"The Texas department asks the Supreme Court to stay the appeals court order and keep the children where they are in foster facilities until the high court considers their arguments. It argues the more than 450 children will 'suffer irreparable harm' if the appellate court order is followed and says the children 'will be at risk of sexual and emotional abuse' if returned to their parents.

The appeal repeats allegations of a 'pattern of girls reporting that there was no age too young' to be married and boys at the ranch are groomed to be 'perpetrators.'"

There is no documented actual abuse, there is no cause for entry into YFZ, there was no continuing cause for remaining at YFZ yet still there is imminent danger to the children because they teach things the CPS disagree with.  To be fair, many of you disagree as well.  This however is still a free country with freedom of religion and the proof is in the pudding no matter how counter intuitive it may seem.  They have to show that abuse is occurring and have not done that.  

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