Friday, May 16, 2008

CPS Realizes it has an "Image Problem?" Relents?

This story I think is significant because one, even though the state had a technical victory, they gave up. Namely, the court in which they were arguing did not have jurisdiction. So I think they're going for image here. Conceding anyway.

Of course there is the small matter that now they have admitted that not one, (the April 29th baby) but TWO of the "Pregnant Underage Girls" that gave birth are, um, uh, "of age." Frankly, I do not know now of any "Obviously Pregnant Underage Girls" that Texas saw when they entered the compound. I continue to ask WHO it was that they saw as this was the supposed basis for continuing the search and later the justification for the seizure.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram - AUSTIN - "Lawyers for the state conceded in court today that the woman from the polygamist sect who gave birth this week while in the state's custody is not a minor and said she is free to return to her home in West Texas or remain with her three children -- including the newborn -- under protective care.

The acknowledgment came during a hearing in a Travis County courtroom, where the woman's husband was seeking to have his family reunited with him at the YFZ (Yearning For Zion) Ranch near San Angelo, where last month Child Protective Services officials took more than 400 children into custody on grounds that they were in imminent danger of abuse."

What kind of protective care?

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