Sunday, May 25, 2008

CPS Worker whines about gas prices after spreading FLDS kids all over Texas.

This is utterly hilarious;

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram - "'We're being told that we might have to wait another 30 days for our expense checks. With the price of gas at about $4 a gallon, we're hurting," said the worker, who asked that her name not be used out of concern that it might jeopardize her job. 'I typically drive about 300 miles a week. My credit card is maxed out, and I'm out of gas.'

Mike Gross, vice president of the Texas State Employees Union, said his office has fielded complaints about slow reimbursements and the state's policy of calculating mileage based on the shortest possible route to and from each destination workers must visit. The effect of the policy, he said, is that workers often use bypasses and beltways to avoid congestion and save time, even if the routes are a few miles longer.

'They're having to eat those extra miles,' Gross said.

Azar said his department can do little about the policy, which has been in place for several years and applies to all state agencies. CPS workers are reimbursed at 50.5 cents per mile, the maximum under federal standards, he added.'"

Oh Waaaa. Try being an FLDS parent. What's the matter, you didn't think about what would happen to YOU when you spread all those FLDS kids all over the state? HITCHHIKE.

The Salt Lake Tribune - SAN ANGELO, Texas - "James and Sarah J. Jessop spend all their time on the road these days, traveling an 1,800-mile circuit to see children now scattered across Texas."

I have no sympathy for CPS workers and their gas woes. My advice to CPS workers? Get a Vespa. Better yet, get another job.

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Alaskagain said...

The CPS workers could go on strike, or hold a "sick-in", to protest the slow rate of compensation.

Melanie said...

Actually, I do feel bad for the "little people" workers at CPS. They didn't start the mess, they weren't in charge of it, but now they're stuck carrying out the burden of this mess unless they quit and get another job - and I don't know what the employment situation down there is like. Also, I'm sure there are good apples amongst the bad, probably some who don't want to quit because they want to see this through and do the best they can.

Hugh McBryde said...

I'm sorry, by contrast I cannot feel sorry for them.

Melanie said...

Oh, if I have to pick only *one* set to feel sorry for, it's definitely the good parents and the children. But I can feel sorry for anyone caught up in this mess without lessening my sympathy for the other folks. :-)