Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Texas Argues that It's own armed presence created an "Unsuitable Environtment" for the children.

William N. Grigg over at Pro Libertate uncovers the fantastic. CPS argues it's own threatening presence created and unfit environment.

"Soooo.... anytime the State decides to attack a religious community (and business of that kind seems to be picking up lately), the very willingness of the government to carry out such an attack proves that such a community is an unsuitable environment for children."

So this wouldn't be a stretch, would it?

"In some circumstances, the CPS told women they had to 'admit' being minors in order to remain with their children. Now that at least some of those women have been able to prove, to the satisfaction of the CPS, that they are of legal age, will the agency claim that the earlier deception -- you know, the same one abetted by the CPS -- somehow illustrates that they aren't suited to be mothers?"

Check out the Plural life as well. I have written before, elsewhere on the appearance of impropriety with Elissa Wall and the Texas Raid on YFZ.

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