Friday, May 23, 2008

Even though it CAN'T be true, the lie of "Pregnant Underage FLDS Girls" is repeated.

First of all, let me emphasize this. The lies are printed, reprinted, and even believed by the people who have had them disproved to their faces. This is in a story slated for publication, TOMORROW.

The Austin American-Statesman - "'We gained access to the ranch when the (Child Protective Services investigators) went in, but our search warrant was separate from the one CPS got," (Tela) Mange said. 'Once we got on the ranch and saw the pregnant females under the age of 17 we got our own search warrant that covers all the evidence we have.'"

I'm sorry, but we remember. There were THREE girls that state said "were pregnant" and only two that they "observed" when they went into the ranch. Both of the girls that were observably pregnant gave birth and have been declared adults. The last of the three they said at the time was pregnant, had to be tested to determine she was pregnant. Unless Texas comes forth and explains this discrepancy there were no girls they saw that were pregnant. Underage or otherwise, yet Tela Mange plunges ahead, repeats the lie as justification and the dutiful reporter prints it without questioning the facts.

More recently the description of the girls has shifted to 5 that are pregnant now or have been and I will cite Brooke Adams once more;

"Now we know the truth: There are only five girls in that group. All but one are or will be 18 this year. One gave birth when she was 17, three when they were 16. One is pregnant."

Again, this proves they did NOT see "pregnant girls." The one that is pregnant is the one that refused the pregnancy test. She has to be. That or Texas has to clear up their story. As far as we know, she is 17 now yet Tela Mange says for a story slated for publication tomorrow, that they observed "the pregnant females under the age of 17" and on that they base their warrant. No. You did not see that. If the first story I cite is wrong, then they observed at max, ONE GIRL that was pregnant. We don't even know what her age is. Historically when the state of Texas DOES NOT tell us something, it is because it works against them. If this in fact is the basis of the warrant, WHY DOES THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION CONTINUE?

We are approaching 2 months since the raid. This one remaining pregnant girl has not given birth. That means she could have been no more than 7 months along at the time of the raid. As each month goes by the likely hood that she "showed" gets less. If she was, as I insist based on the unrefuted first story, the remaining one is the girl that refused the pregnancy test and she clearly wasn't showing enough. You don't give pregnancy tests to 7 month pregnant girls.

This sort of IRRESPONSIBLE SLOPPINESS has to STOP. We have reporters dutifully taking dictation from police officers who clearly carry around IV BAGS of Kool Aid to get them through the day.

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