Friday, May 23, 2008

Now it's Five FLDS "Pregnant/were Pregnant" TEEN girls.

With all the numbers flying around lately I gave up keeping track.  Besides, as to cause I'm completely convinced that there was none since the only girls that were SEEN by Texas as Pregnant and SUPPOSED to be underage and also impregnated illegally turned out to be underage.  So for me I'm waiting for the rational judge that realizes there was no evidence and you can't keep searching forever until you find some.  Be that as it may, my fave reporter, Brooke Adams reports in the "Plural Life."

"Here's a question: The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had all the power in the world to structure status hearings held this week in any order it wanted. It kept telling us, the media and the public, that there were 31 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 who were pregnant, mothers or both.

Now we know the truth: There are only five girls in that group. All but one are or will be 18 this year. One gave birth when she was 17, three when they were 16. One is pregnant."

If all but one are 18, that is three that could have gotten pregnant when they were 15, three years ago, when it was legal.  They gave birth when they were 16, consistent with that model.  Since on of them gave birth when she was 17, we have to know when it was that she got pregnant to know if there was any potential crime in her case.   You can get pregnant on your 17th birthday and have a 3 month old baby when you turn 18.  So three that may have been 15 and getting pregnant when it was legal to do so in Texas.  One that may have gotten pregnant at 17 when it was legal to do so in Texas.  None of these girls could have been seen as the human evidence that Texas contends continued their raid.

We have NOT found out exactly how old the "won't be or isn't 18" this year is.  If she was 14 when she got pregnant and when she gave birth, and her birthday for instance was in AUGUST of 2005, when she gets pregnant, she gives birth in May of 2006 and she is 16 now.  Still legal.

I constantly contend that if there was documentary evidence of a crime, there would be a warrant.  Even without DNA.  Mom could clam up, Dad could be a no show but there would still be a warrant.  The lack of action tells me that they are still seeing only after effects of abiding by the law. It makes sense that if the FLDS abided by the law in Texas that they would either move members to a more favorable state or cease "illegal" acts with them.  Those that remain conform to Texas law.  Thus CPS will get oh so close to finding their Holy Grail, the sexually active, past sexually active, underage teen and her pedophile partner, but NEVER WILL.  Get a clue CPS.  When the law changed, they MOVED.  Those that represent no crime STAYED.  Thus only those that ALMOST fit the bill but DON'T are what you will find.  It's not lying, it's not a cover up, it's a FREE COUNTRY.  For now.

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