Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday FLDS News Roundup.

Now comes the saber rattling to save face;

The Deseret News - "(Allison Palmer) The San Angelo, Texas, prosecutor said her office and the Texas Attorney General's Office continue to sort through the evidence that was taken last month from the Fundamentalist LDS Church's YFZ Ranch. They are mostly looking for evidence of crimes against children, but Palmer said bigamy prosecutions are also on the table.

'It is a statute. It is against the law,' she told the Deseret News Thursday. 'If we uncover evidence of bigamy, we will prosecute it.'"

Be sure to bring Harry Reid with you. Pack a big lunch.

"Salt Lake attorney Rod Parker, acting as a spokesman for the FLDS Church, said there will be a legal battle if Texas prosecutors pursue such charges.

'If they bring a prosecution like that, they will find that the statutes they will rely on are unconstitutional,' Parker said. 'If gay sex in a motel room is protected by the Constitution in Texas, then polygamous marriage among consenting adults must be protected.'

The attorney was referring to the controversial Lawrence v. Texas case, which decriminalized gay sex among consenting adults."

Also, "Hearings halt as state regroups."

A refresher course for the info challenged

Delaying tactics aren't working for the state

"The 4th Court of Appeals denied a request by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to delay a hearing scheduled this morning over the planned separation of Lori Jessop and her 1-year-old son, Joseph Steed Jessop Jr."

FLDS families wrote a letter to Gov. Rick Perry who has "not seen it yet."

The AP via The Dallas Morning News - "Perry's spokesman Robert Black said Sunday that he has not seen the letter and couldn't comment."

In the meantime;

"'You would be appalled,' the letter said. 'Many of our children have become sick as a result of the conditions they have been placed in. Some have even had to be taken to the hospital. Our innocent children are continually being questioned on things they know nothing about. The physical examinations were horrifying to the children. The exposure to these conditions is traumatizing them.'

Asked about claims that children were hospitalized, state Child Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzalez said she had not seen the letter and would have to review it before commenting."

Riiiiiiiiiight. And this disgusting lie keeps being advanced by what has to be an informed press;

"Authorities said they have not yet located the teenage mother who's call for help triggered the raid at the ranch."

Try checking in Colorado Springs and asking for 33 year old Rozita Swinton MORONS. If she's not there I have an address or two in California for you to check out and a list of questions for you to ask.

Dawn Knobloch writes the first sensible thing I have seen over at the Amarillo Globe-News, so I'll point to it;

"Still, setting drama and good sense aside, the state of Texas, buoyed by media support and the public's overripe mistrust of religious 'cults,' continues to pursue its investigation of a case that was flawed from the outset."

Read it all, the media is waking up. Be sure to stop in at the always excellent "Plural Life" by Brooke Adams.

This article also at the Salt Lake Tribune;

SAN ANGELO, Texas - "Tina Louise Steed had just one question for a judge who declared her an adult Thursday morning.

'I'm wondering how come they wouldn't believe my ID in the first place?' she asked Judge Jay Weatherby."

Proving that the facts weren't important to Texas CPS.

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