Thursday, May 15, 2008

Restraining order against CPS lifted.

(UPDATE-Embarrassed Pharisee realizes this was posted on a THURSDAY and changes name of post.)

I know this is a through the looking glass world, based on what we have known in the recent past. How the law can validate the case of CPS against that of the parents in this case is beyond me in terms of justice. It's just politics and the FLDS are in the gun site.
KEYE TV - "An Austin judge had lifted a restraining keeping Child Protective Services from taking a FLDS mother and child back into custody Thursday.

The judge said that Dan Jessop’s restraining order against CPS is invalid, and because of this, they could take his wife, Louisa Jessop, and three-day-old son to San Antonio."

This is an appalling tragedy however no one will dare mention it in the MSM. HAT TIP to "TexasRN" over at Grits.

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