Sunday, May 18, 2008

The FLDS Raid is a Constitutional Crisis. It must be brought to an end NOW.

I am of course, not FLDS nor will I ever be. I am not LDS, I am not any variation of the Latter Day Saints religion. I believe my share of stories regarding the FLDS that disgust me and offend my sensibilities as defined by my Reformed Christian faith. Could you not say that however about anyone? King David, a "man after God's own heart" both stole a good friends wife and despoiled yet another close advisers granddaughter (the same woman, Bathsheba) and then set about to cover up the crime against his neighbors and against God with murder. We all have feet of clay, finding that out should not surprise us. Anecdotal information about the sin we all slog through is to be expected, in all our lives.

What I have had faith in is the fact that Polygyny, the form of marriage practice widely in the FLDS is not harmful. Practicing Polygyny, which is acceptable to God, which is planned as part of how God wants us to live is bound to have benefits. Separating yourself from a caustic popular culture and working hard should also have benefits. Be in the world but not of it. A workman is worthy of his wages. That sort of thing.

So armed with that belief, I stepped out on that faith and followed it. I thought it was wrong to invade the YFZ compound for constitutional reasons. I believed from the get go that something was fishy about the phone call. Ask my friend Robert, we speculated things like it involved Flora Jessop (which it did) to the FLDS was sucker punching Texas to get back at government for picking on them. Least possible in my mind a few days after the raid was the idea that Sarah was real. I didn't like the story on the face of it. It stank. A communal group where someone stole away and used a cell phone to make a call about her "oppressive masters" and her "oppressive masters" didn't notice? I didn't buy it.

I was distressed when Texas didn't back up though. The failure of one publicly stated cause after another did not daunt the Texas CPS. They went ahead like they were a freight train going downhill. I became more distressed when media sources like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity did not jump to their defense. Apparently these men are not as brave as they once were or as brave as I once thought they were. The YFZ raid had taken on the appearance of the Florida Election in 2000. A dedicated group (Florida Vote Counters=Texas CPS) in control of the evidence and determined to gain one outcome. There were fortunately for us, a small portion of the media that spoke the truth throughout the "recount/attempted theft." There has been no such group this time around, unless you count old media like the Salt Lake Tribune and a small minority of New Media types, like myself.

Florida was a thwarted coup d'etat. My distress grew as I watched the numbers change impossibly and as I knew what had to be going on. Voter fraud, in South Florida on a massive scale by those that wanted to elect Al Gore. I feared for my country. I feared for our freedoms that allow me to say what I say now, and practice my faith with relative freedom. I fear now as greatly as I feared then but this time there is no outcry on the scale there was before. Unchallenged the injustice occurring at YFZ, the largest child custody case of it's kind in history, will lead almost certainly to an irreversible loss of our rights. An ability for government to move like secret police and destroy groups they don't like. YFZ has been targeted since the moment they showed up in Texas. Laws were changed to target their group specifically and we all said "ok, they're ICKY." They have been maligned on a scale similar to that of Jews in Nazi Germany. Humans made into vermin, and then treated like pests.

What has been astounding so far is the total lack of cause the FLDS have provided to Texas. What underage girl? What abuse? They've shown none so far and it's been 6 weeks. This must stop. It must stop now. Just as I knew that if those in charge of the Florida ballot box would eventually "Find" enough votes for Al Gore in 2000 if they were allowed to keep counting, something in all probability will eventually be found, either fraudulent or real on the FLDS if the investigation continues. Either someone with feet of clay will be discovered or something will be invented. We now have people more motivated than the Florida vote counters. There may well be people in jail on the Texas side if this ends well for the FLDS. Certainly many will lose their life long jobs and security. Some will lose their own money. Believe me CPS employees fear this and will fight like cornered animals to prevent it. It is at times like this that cops plant evidence. They also have feet of clay.

I beam with a kind of pride regarding the choice of defendants. I really shouldn't, their faultlessness (so far) has nothing to do with anything I have done. THEY have behaved in admirable fashion. Non Violent. Looking to their God. Cleaner in their behavior than the ravening society around them bent on their destruction.

Governor Perry should realize that his own people have caused what amounts to a constitutional crisis and that no amount of abuse that could now be discovered by FLDS members justifies the way in which Texas is going about trying to find it. Allowing this to stand and continuing this travesty is a blow to this whole country. If Rick Perry is a patriot, he acts. Step in Governor Perry. Stop it now. This goes beyond politics. It is your country that you should be protecting now.

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Thank you!

Now, would you please fax it to Perry's Office? I don't think he's reading our blogs.