Friday, May 16, 2008

Gritty Details on the FLDS raid.

Oh, I'm licking my chops. Scott Henson is more detailed than I am as I try to keep up with breaking events having faith already in what the outcome will eventually be. I'm not crowing when I say "Been there, Said That" in this case. Grits is more patient than I and waits for the nail down. Well, here's the nail down. As I always say when someone says it better than you, you just point.

"Both of these telephones had Colorado Springs, Colorado area codes (area code 719). Upon calling the Colorado Springs Police Department (Sergeant Mandel) Texas authorities were immediately advised that one of these telephone numbers was associated with an individual who had made numerous "false reports of sexual abuse to police agencies" in the Colorado Springs area. All-in-all the investigation reveals that Rozita Swinton has been linked to false allegations of sexual abuse to over ten different child protection and law enforcement agencies, dating back to 2005, in cities across the country from Monroe, Washington to Ft. Meyers, Florida."

Scott then sums up;

"So for those who continue to believe this warrant was executed in good faith, here are the facts.
  • Authorities knew before the raid that Dale Barlow was in Arizona, had spoken to him, but made no effort to have him arrested or detained by his probation officer.
  • The caller mispronounced the name of the town (there's a long "a" in Eldor-A-do), used terminology that did not match FLDS religious lingo, and only gave details about the group and the ranch that could be easily gleaned online.
  • Authorities knew the calls to the shelter didn't come from Texas, and with minimalist investigation would have identified the caller as a routine hoaxer."
They were just looking for an excuse, because CPS "knew" as an article of faith, what they would find, this is based on statistics within large groups of children. What is amazing is not that they found abuse, but that they have NOT found abuse. The FLDS is not an exceptionally corrupt group when it comes to child abuse, physical and sexual, they are in fact squeaky clean by comparison to society at large.

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