Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Texas: That FLDS Minor Mother we were talking about? NOT a minor.

It would seem the reasons to call a mother a minor are twofold.

One. Create the impression that there are underage moms.

Two. Nab the kid. Wait until she gives birth, then take her child. Then say she's not a minor. Did they give her child back to her? Oh wait, that's now a "civil matter."

The San Angelo Standard-Times
- "Texas Child Protective Services said today at a custody hearing for a child born to one of the YFZ Ranch children that the agency no longer believes the mother is a minor."

Texas then goes "forum shopping" sometimes in the middle of the night to gain custody in the venue most favorable to their case. How long before the latest mother is declared to be an adult? By the way, how many "pregnant teens below the age of consent" does that leave them with? Any at all? When the next pregnant mom is declared to be an adult, as she will be, I think that leaves us with one girl they say is pregnant that doesn't show enough to be sure, that has refused a pregnancy test. Supposedly Texas continued it's search based on what it saw at YFZ, that being pregnant teens. Which pregnant teen? It doesn't look like that saw any.

UPDATE. The Associated Press has now picked it up. It appears now in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and now Fox News has picked up the story. Can they do the math though?

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