Friday, May 16, 2008


It's going to get oh so much worse for Texas. In one of those revelations that speaks for itself;

The Houston Chronicle - "Attorneys for 'disputed' minor girls taken from a West Texas ranch owned by fundamentalist Mormons say their clients have been taken from state foster homes to undergo videotaped law enforcement interviews without legal counsel.

'It's going on all over the state,' said Laura Shockley, who represents three young women whose ages are in dispute."

You never know when the dam is going to break, but I wouldn't be on the side of Texas in what's coming. More;

''My client told the CPS worker that she did not want to talk to her without an attorney,'' Shockley said. ''She was told that she wasn't entitled to an attorney because it was a civil matter.''


"A CPS official could not immediately be reached."

Of course not.

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