Friday, May 30, 2008

The Lawlessness of the Judge, the Impotence of the Governor.

The impotence of Governor Perry is exposed by Judge Barbara Walther. Governor Perry should send in the Texas National Guard and/or the Texas Rangers and retrieve the children and perhaps place Judge Walther in jail.

The latest move of the Judge is a time buying tactic and a defiance of law. Only force can answer her rebellion. Only Governor Perry has the right to use such force.

Judge Walther is trying to run out the clock. It is her belief and the belief of Child Protective Services that they CAN find a crime if they are allowed to keep looking. The "Rosetta Stone" for unlocking those crimes is the DNA evidence they have collected. If CPS can get it and analyze it they believe they can save themselves by inciting public outcry sufficient to cloud their own lawlessness. This must stop, this must not continue. This is REBELLION.

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Anonymous said...

Hello: National Guard---well, this is better. I sent this last week to my 2 congressional senators-Kerry and Kennedy, GW Bush, DOJ, FBI, Senator Obama, Hilliary Clinton and John McCain--all having the gaul to run for president--while silent on this travesty.

See letter:

To - Criminal Division--US Department of Justice, FBI, US Congress and President G.W. Bush

cc - TX CPS, Texas officials.

RE - Citizen's complaint

I, as a US citizen, am appalled at the illegal actions of the State of TX law, Tx Rangers, CPS--Marleigh Meisner, Angie Voss, Commissioner Cockerell, Judge Walthers, Schleiler county Sheriff Doran, and the sheriff of Midland county Gary Painter--along with all baptist institutions involve--including Kevin Dinnin-Baptist Child and Family Services. This complaint is against Governor Rick Perry also, as he was quoted in the press as fully supporting the now deemed illegal military-style raid by TX law and CPS against the FLDS families---wherein, TX abducted 465 children...along with nursing mothers in tow.

The TX Austin appellate court has deemed the actions of the above state and contract workers illegal --against the US Constitution, TX Constitution and CPS' own laws.

Austin Court of Appeals:

Therefore, I am requesting that the Department of Justice and the FBI investigate immediately, and I have asked the US Congress to demand that President G.W. Bush send in federal troops to Texas to restore these children to their families. Presidents have utilized this step in the past, many times, when civil rights are, were being denied.

In addition, the arrest of the above individuals should be completed and appropriate charges filed against them for the crimes committed against these FLDS American citizens, children and families.

In addition, a complete Congressional hearing must commence immediately to determine how this could be allowed to happen in the US---while so many responsible to oversee---failed to protect these citizens while officials sat in silence, or outright approved of the state of Texas' illegal actions.

All individuals failed to perform their sworn duties, while in their official capacities.

Accountability is the only way to prevent such crimes against US citizens from occurring in the future.

Alaskagain said...

Shouldn't that be the "Rozita Stone"?

Hugh McBryde said...

I like it.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

ARgh, Alaskagain took my comment.=)