Monday, May 19, 2008

The outrage of Texas

That's right, we want all the mom's to be single parents on welfare.

"If they take a hard line on polygamy, you're putting a lot of moms out there who are now single parents," she said. "If abuse is even living on that ranch, you've made them all homeless, and that's a real potential problem."

To my knowledge, few if any YFZ ranch dwellers were on welfare prior to the raid. They're starting to get on the welfare roles now. They will all be if the moms get their kids back the way the state wants it to be.

Honestly, those of you who think Polygyny is wrong. Is this better? No dad. Working Mom. Welfare? Public housing? Public Schooling? Do you REALLY believe that? If you count up all the boys and girls that fled YFZ or were kicked out in the way that the enemies of the FLDS want you to, is this still not a lower delinquency rate than society at large?

This is the path of liberalism. Find an exception and dwell on the pathos and tragedy of that exception. The same liberals will travel as anthropologists to another land and marvel at the efficiency of a tribal group that does similar things and try to preserve them as some sort of necessary curiosity.

What jaw dropping hypocrisy.

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