Monday, May 26, 2008

Slogging through the Rozita Swinton Swamp

When things are slow, you tear at the edges of unanswered questions. To bring you up to speed on what I have discovered so far.

Rozita Swinton has an apparent foster parent. I say this because no one in the press has met this person apart from her publisher, nor is there a picture of her. This person is now known as "Kate Rosemary" and has two books, "Raising Shane" and "After Disclosure", both of which were published in Nashville TN by the vanity publisher "Westview." Except "After Disclosure" was titled "The Feminization of Job" and was published first by Westview under that name, and was said to be authored by "Merry Cate Noel" who has a Masters of Divinity.

Conversations with the apparent foster parent via email yielded two email addresses, one at "Yahoo" and the other at "" which is a website that has existed since September of 2006 and was last modified about a year later suggesting that mostly what has happened is that the domain name registration was renewed. A "Peggy Ann Way" owns the site and seems to have a "Masters of Divinity" from Vanderbilt University, in Nashville Tennessee and formerly was an instructor there. She is also associated with Eden Theological Seminary. The site however, is registered to a known blind domain name provider, a "Michelle Parker" or at least Michelle is a representative for the company. Nevertheless the point is if you search for 510 595 2002 in google, you'll get the picture. Peggy also writes a "Blurb" for "Kate Rosemary" on the Westview website and has written her own book, "Created by God."

At this point, if I had to guess on a real foster parent, it would be Dr. Peggy Ann Way. Did Peggy write these books? I don't have any earthly idea. Things around Rozita are such a confusion of lie upon lie that all I know is that there is a Dr. Peggy Ann Way and it's probably the Peggy Ann Way on the domain name registration. That hardly proves that Dr. Way even made the registration or knows about it. It doesn't even prove that Rozita ever HAD a foster parent.

In searching for Peggy I have listened to an interview in which she says she is moving back Nashville but I have found no pictures of her. Most references to her seem to disappear about a year ago. I have found associates of hers, and emailed them to see if I can get information. She retired from Eden and said she was going to try to teach at Fisk in Nashville and a theological seminary in the area. She hates to write, and loves to speak. Anyone out there know Dr. Peggy A. Way?

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