Monday, May 19, 2008

Sign the papers. Or else.

Plans are being signed by FLDS mothers. Sometimes not.

From the San Angelo Standard-Times - "Attorneys for Kathleen Steed were granted a break to talk with CPS workers about amendments she wanted added to the service plan for consideration. After a 30-minute break, Gossett said Kathleen Steed would sign the service plan, but that she doesn't 'agree with allegations in the service plan.'

She also wrote her 'hopes and dreams' for the children, which was added to the service plan.

Gossett asked whether Kathleen Steed read the service plan and she said yes. Then he asked whether she understood the service plan.

'Yes,' she said softly, 'but it's very broad.'

'I just asked if you understood it,' he said.

I would like to ask the Judge Gossett if he understands this is coercion. Extortion. Emotional abuse.

"The supervisor said CPS intends to allow the children to continue with home-schooling. CPS workers will observe how parents interact with the children.

'I did not discover until last night that a service plan had not yet been created,' she said."

You don't have the right to review what's in your plan, just sign it. Sign the papers.

"One of Warren Jeffs' 'wives' agreed to sign a plan developed by the state's Child Protective Services agency that could eventually reunite her with two of her children, while another of Jeffs' wives said she would follow the plan but would not sign it."

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