Monday, May 19, 2008

Identical plans prove CPS has no crime to charge any FLDS member with.

If the State of Texas was going to make some revelation about the treatment of the 400+ children, they would have done so today. The plans though, were all the same. Some were not even turned in until the last minute.

The Deseret News - "Nancy Delong, who represents Carlene Jessop, a mother of four children in state custody, attacked the plan in court, saying it is not specific to her client.

'The plan that has been filed is not specific to Ms. Jessop,' she said.

'It is specific to Ms. Jessop,' Joni Manske, a Texas Child Protective Services worker replied.

'It's specific to Ms. Jessop, just like it is for 400 other children?'

'Yes, ma'am.'

Delong also criticized the many requirements necessary for her client to be reunited with her children, which include open-ended suggestions such as parenting, psychological and vocational classes. Those requirements are in addition to Jessop's weekly visits with her children, who are scattered in facilities a day's travel apart.

'What are you going to do to help her?' Delong asked the CPS worker.

'I don't know the answer to that,' Manske replied."

This is a classic totalitarian show trial. The only thing missing are the false charges that have been alleged up until this point.

It is also clear that CPS does not care one bit about about the parents in this case. They believe that the parents are all guilty of having a religious belief that CPS does not approve of. There is no smoking gun crime that any Special Prosecutor has found. There is no systemic abuse other than religious belief. One of the plans would have shown that, but none of them do.

Texas has admitted that they can't find any crime until they compel parents to testify against themselves. Only if the admission of paternity and maternity combine to show an underage sexual relationship with an older man will there be a crime. They don't know who the victim is, they don't know who the offender is. If they can't find it in this round of forced "discovery" shamming as a custody hearing, they're hoping to find it in DNA evidence.

If there is no crime, there is no abuse. At least no abuse that Texas knows about. Stop it now.

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