Monday, May 19, 2008

LDS Church denies Rozita Swinton ever a Missionary

It never occurred to me before to pick up the phone and just call. I called LDS headquarters and asked if they had a central registry for LDS missions. They did. I asked if Rozita Swinton was ever a Missionary. In doing so I gave the LDS her birthdate which is published on her arrest warrant and one of her primary aliases, Dana Anderson.

My contact there indicated they would have asked for identity confirmation. The LDS keeps a record of all it's missionaries. Rozita Swinton was not one of them. It had been reported that Rozita had been on a mission to El Salvador by the "Westview." This now apparently false report had been repeated elsewhere in the media based on that Westview story.

The LDS church is double checking some microfiche records to see if she may be included there on another sort of mission. I'll keep you posted.

From what I hear she was also a no show at the Colorado Democratic State Convention in Colorado Springs.

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