Saturday, May 17, 2008

The TIDE IS TURNING, Believe it.

Texas is now in full on abject fear retreat. Will they rally and take the day? That's another story but a politically savvy Governor Rick Perry pulls the plug on this before everyone starts calling him der Führer. He meets with John Kight and is "Shocked, shocked to find out that INJUSTICE is going on here." Grits.

"I'm now fairly convinced Texas will never see any successful criminal prosecutions from the Great Eldorado Polygamist Roundup. They've just screwed it up too badly. Whether the child seizures will stick on the civil side is another matter, but nearly all their evidence for possible criminal prosecutions appears tainted.

I've argued previously why I think the search warrant was based on bogus information, and evidence keeps trickling out that confirms law enforcement knew or should have known the original complaint call was a hoax before they went in."

If you are on the side of individual rights and freedom of religion, which you should be
, now is the time, this weekend. Push, push, push. It's still open to a political solution.

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