Friday, May 16, 2008

Texas inflated numbers of underage FLDS teen girls. It will be proven.

UPDATE: CNN has picked up the story. So has Fox News, maybe the MSM ice is breaking.

So far, Texas is batting 0.000 on finding pregnant underage girls. I still say it's HUGELY important (a battle cry no one is picking up on) that it is now shown to have been IMPOSSIBLE that CPS or Sheriffs Department personnel even SAW a "pregnant underage girl" when they entered the ranch. They were down to three, I've mentioned this before. One was clearly not showing enough to be "evidence, " so much so that her pregnancy is disputed and cannot be documented until she takes a pregnancy test, which she has refused. The other two which have to have been the "obviously pregnant" ones, have been shown to be of age.

Thus Texas LIED to us when they say they saw "pregnant underage teens" and that fact in and of itself would not be enough, as discussed by pointing out that a pregnant teen can be pregnant, in Texas, having never LEFT Texas without violating any law.

So now we're trying to find out who the candidates for an abused girl are. Keep in mind also that you can't LOOK at a girl and say "she's underage AND she's BEEN pregnant" and the same caveat that applies to the supposedly "Pregnant Underage Teen" also applies to her, even if she HAS been pregnant and you can tell somehow. She could have been pregnant in a way totally compliant with the law and in fact most pregnant underage teens have probably not been involved in any illegal act, victim or otherwise. Now, on with the article;

The Houston Chronicle - SAN ANTONIO "Texas child welfare authorities released statistics showing nearly 60 percent of the teen girls taken from a polygamist sect's ranch were pregnant or had children, they seemed to prove what was alleged all along: The sect commonly pushed girls into marriage and sex."

A Lie.

"But in the past week, the state has twice been forced to admit 'girls' who gave birth while in state custody are actually adults. One was 22 and claims she showed state officials a Utah birth certificate shortly after she and more than 400 minors were seized from the west Texas ranch in an April raid.

The state has in custody two dozen other young mothers and others whose ages are in dispute. If most of them also turn out to be adults, it would be a severe blow to the state's claim of widespread sexual abuse."

So why are they not giving up? It is in the hope and faith that they will find a crime of abuse as defined by the law. This also I have mentioned before. Texas was cavalier about going in with a bad warrant and staying on the basis of a phony premise because the FLDS reputation has been effectively destroyed. They can skirt and ignore the law, and in the end, they "know" that they WILL find a case of abuse. Or so they thought.

What is happening instead is that they are not finding anything. In the end, they may have a few teens that became pregnant during the period of time after Harvey Hilderbran's "Get the FLDS vote pandering law," and the great hope of the CPS is that they will tie those pregnancies through DNA to a man too old to have legally had sex with her.

This week the basis for CPS even BEING at YFZ evaporated. CPS is still hoping to find something it can portray as pedophilia prior to the truth becoming well known. That truth being they had no "probable cause" and in reality, they knew it and didn't care. As long as the MSM remains silent, the chance that this is the ultimate outcome increases. The FLDS in the end may prove to be more righteous than we are in their behavior, but they are not perfect.

That is why this must stop. All will ultimately be persecuted for the possible sin of one or two men, a rate in all probability much lower than such occurrences outside YFZ. But that will not matter if there is one Achan among them. A feat by the way, I don't think YOUR Church could duplicate, the presence of only one or two "Achans."

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googleads said...

I couldn't agree more. At this point its all about justifying the whole exercise, and if they have to manufacture something, so be it. I thought maybe Texas stopped issuing bad warrants after Waco, but I guess I was wrong. At least the authorities failed to goad these people into retaliating, otherwise the whole place would be on fire.