Monday, May 05, 2008

Because Texas is doing such a great job, protecting The Children....


Monday, May 05, 2008

"A former Bowie High School student, who says in a lawsuit that Austin school district officials failed to stop a school color guard instructor from sexually abusing him several times during the 2003-04 school year, will have a chance to make his case in civil court today.

In a suit filed in January 2007 in U.S. District Court, the student said instructor James Johnston, a former contract employee, "made offensive physical contact" with the student.

The Statesman is not naming the student because of the nature of the accusations. He is seeking unspecified monetary damages in the suit."

For the purposes of this discussion I am assuming the allegations to be true. It is entirely possible that they may not be. This IS Texas you know. The time frame of the alleged act places makes it possible for consent to have occurred based on age. I don't know the nuances of Texas law with regard to homosexual advances and consent. The teacher at the center of the mess would seem to acknowledge some form of contact and is going for "consent" in some way shape or form.

"(James) Johnston told band director Bruce Dinkins that he thought the student was 'coming out,' according to the suit. In response, Dinkins told Johnston to stay away from the student, the suit says, but Johnston ignored Dinkins. Dinkins was named in the suit but was later dismissed from the litigation."

Texas is taking this very seriously though.

"Johnston, reached at a San Antonio-area phone number Friday, declined to comment; he ended the call when asked whether he was still teaching."

The guy is out, if he has any kids they're not being taken out of the home, and apparently, he's still teaching. It's a good thing the FLDS do not watch TV or read the papers. They might get a little worried about the good care Texas takes of the kids in their charge. The article mentions only CIVIL action, apparently no charges have been filed. This does bring up the issue of the Statute of Limitations on such crimes.

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