Tuesday, May 06, 2008

CNN still drinking Kool Aid. Find out the TROOF about the FLDS.

When you go to CNN's FLDS section, the lead story is still this one.

Records point to four teens who could be "Sarah"

There is no Sarah you MORONS. She died when she set the charges for the destruction of the twin towers, for George Bush. No really, it's the TROOF.

Then there is this one.

(CNN) -- "In the secretive, illegal world of American polygamy, life has been good to 67-year-old Wendell Loy Nielsen of Eldorado, Texas."

No, it's not illegal, or there would have been an arrest or arrest warrant. People are still reading this section of CNN and think there is still a "Sarah" and still think Polygamy is illegal, and it's not. As Flora Jessops, a rabid anti Polygamy activist and FLDS opponent says herself, "Polygamy is not illegal, Bigamy is."

"By his own account, Nielsen has 21 wives -- and 36 children.

His oldest wife is 13 years older than he is, and his youngest wife is 43 years younger -- she's just 24."

Because cohabitation is legal among adults, since any statute of limitation or "repose" has gone by, Nielsen cannot be charged with anything. And he hasn't been. IF IT WAS ILLEGAL YOU MORONS, WHY IS HE NOT UNDER ARREST?

"His oldest child is 21 years old, and his youngest is a 6-month-old baby."

Well, good for him.

"That's one of the longer, single-family genealogies uncovered in a CNN review of the 'Bishop's List' -- a series of documents listing the age, marital status, children and address of the members of the Yearning for Zion polygamist ranch in Eldorado, Texas."

And yet no one is charged, with anything. Maybe that will happen later today, this year, this decade.

Now, what I want to know is still, was the pregnant girl that was "underage" that they saw after they entered the compound one that they now regard as potentially underage by their hyper scientific eyeballing method one of the girls they now say is "underage" and pregnant. Folks, they may have NO underage girls they know ARE pregnant.

Was she carrying around a sign that said "I have the Bishop's Record, Take it from me?"

At least they admit, at the end.

"No formal criminal charges have been filed in the case. The next court hearing regarding the state's custody of 463 sect children is set for later this month."

"Formal Charges?" Isn't that a bit redundant? I was not aware of being able to hold people against their will on "INFORMAL charges."

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