Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Fascist by any other name.

There is so much in this article I could almost write a post analyzing every paragraph. I strongly suggest you just read it. I found it by following a link in the American Bar Association Journal. You might try going there too and searching the site for the term FLDS.

From "The National Post" - "I must be clear. I am an evangelical Christian. I believe that marriage is a lifelong covenant of love and loyalty between one man and one woman. Further, adults who, with or without consent, engage in sexual acts with children should be severely punished. Pedophilia and polygamy are morally wrong. God declares them wrong, and He does not change."

Of course, I'd like to know where Mr. Reaume bases this assertion, but don't let that scare you off. Read on.

"If, however, God is out of the picture, morality changes with the times. When personal values trump transcendent moral teachings, attempts to distinguish right from wrong are hopeless.

This should concern everyone — liberals and conservatives, heterosexuals and homosexuals, Protestants and Catholics, Jews and Muslims, theists and atheists. All must be alarmed. Do not think moral relativism must be contained in the realm of sexuality. It can easily spill into any area of life. What is free speech today could be hate speech tomorrow. What is an acceptable religion today could be an illegal cult tomorrow. What is sexually permissible today could be punishable by death tomorrow. It depends on who calls the shots. If God is not higher than the secular state, then the state becomes our highest power. The state, then, has unbridled power to define and enforce its own morality. Inalienable human rights become state-granted privileges. That sounds like fascism."

Seriously, that's just one highlight. He's all over the place with observations that can't be categorized by these excerpts. Read it. Comment on his article. Do it now.

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