Tuesday, May 06, 2008


When the subject is too hot to handle PUNT. That's two possessions now for the state of Texas, and TWO PUNTS.

"SAN ANGELO, Texas -Salt Lake Tribune- A judge has ordered the Texas Attorney General's Office to appoint a special prosecutor to handle any criminal cases arising from the raid on the FLDS polygamous ranch in El Dorado."

It is really starting to bother me that these big moves come under the cover of other news stories. Agreed that Myanmar could not have been planned, but this came out when key primary elections were scheduled to dominate the news. Texas continues to allege horrible crimes and skulk around in the shadows during bigger distractions.

Special prosecutors are appointed when someone doesn't want the aftermath draped all over them after it doesn't work out or when there is no evidence and they need to find something. They are also appointed when it is felt the issue is too politicized for any of the parties now involved on the judiciary side, to make decisions that do not appear motivated by political reasons. Sometimes they are appointed for ALL of those reasons.

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kbp said...

Thanks for sgaring.

Does Texas have a Grand Jury so the SP's can shift responsibility for any indictments?