Friday, May 02, 2008


Now, there is no warrant for "Dale Evans Barlow." The state of Texas abandons it's ORIGINAL CAUSE. My guess is they don't intent to pursue Rozita either. They'd find out way too much they don't want to know. .

AMARILLO, Texas -The Salt Lake Tribune- "Texas authorities have canceled the arrest warrant for the Arizona man who had been suspected of physically and sexually abusing a teenage girl -- allegations that launched last month's raid on an FLDS ranch in Eldorado."
And he don't know nuttin'.

"'The bottom line is the warrant is no longer active,' said Tom Vinger.
Vinger said he did not know when the cancellation occurred. He would not comment on whether the cancellation confirms the girl's calls for help were a hoax.
'We're still investigating that,' he said."

I'll tell you what they seem to be doing, they seem to be trying to put out the Rozita Swinton fire. Rozita will probably show up at the Democratic Convention in her home town. Texas will probably "neglect" to pursue her like Utah has "neglected" to pursue Allen Steed.

They're also pursuing their second cause, exclusively. That is ignited by seeing (sorry Prairie Fire, eyeballin') crimes while in the Ranch. For false cause. Cause they knew and now admit to be bogus.

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