Saturday, May 10, 2008

FLDS woman explains name confusion.

Texas complains that FLDS members are deceiving them with a deliberate confusion of names.

The Houston Chronicle - "Jessop denied any of the parents intentionally misled investigators. But her explanation of her own name would confuse anybody.

'I say my name is Gladys Lindsay. They say, "It's Gladys Jessop." My legal name is Gladys Jessop but because I answer to Gladys Lindsay they say I am lying.'"

Um, this is easy. It's cultural. In Korea for instance if your name was Park Chung He, we called him Mr. Park (pronounced "Pak") or President Park. In a world of Jeffs, Jessops, Barlows and Steeds, Gladys distinguishes herself by using a less common additional name. Instead of calling herself Gladys Lindsay Jessop, she shortens it to Gladys Lindsay. Mystery solved. Texas gets angry and calls her a liar. Sounds like they don't speak the lingo. Of course the writer of the article sides with the state of Texas and calls her Gladys Jessop;

"For women who have shunned the modern world, Sarah Steed and Gladys Jessop have become surprisingly adept at navigating it.

Connected by cell phone to the attorneys and CPS workers they speak with daily, they have become overnight experts on the ins and outs of Texas family law. They wear out their phone batteries each day, using the phones to determine their children's whereabouts and their legal rights.

Gladys, the combative one who often speaks for Sarah, says they've learned they can say no to investigators and reporters.

'It's none of your business,' she said, when asked if she was in a polygamous marriage."

Oh good for her. Hey, aren't these controlled and intimidated women? Dumbed down with drugs and inbreeding and repression? That answers why is the writer so surprised they can function so easily and stand up for themselves.

The San Angelo Standard-Times seems to think it's important to mention that the kids are on par in education with others.

"(Delma) Trejo indicated the children's education level is on par with that of other children their age."

Surprise, surprise.

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Major10 said...

Yes they do speak for themselves and well. See link.