Saturday, May 03, 2008

Warrant? What Warrant? We don't need no stinking warrants....

The cancellation of the warrant for Dale Evans Barlow means one of two things.

Texas' Keystone Cop Gestapo can and is operating now with NO warrant and doesn't need one. Of course that would have been true from the moment they breached the gates of YFZ for that to be true now.

THERE IS A WARRANT, which is why they were vague on the date of cancellation of the first. They've been operating on another warrant for another cause now for who knows how long.

Some legal eagle out there could tell me more about this. I am as always, just your humble pharisee.

I also note as I have before, this little bombshell came at the right place in the news cycle. Late Friday afternoon. The Salt Lake Tribune to my knowledge was the first to break the story. 5 hours later I saw it in the Austin Statesman.

OUR STORY SO FAR, on the one month anniversary. Read it in the Salt Lake Tribune.

SAN ANGELO, Texas - On the one-month anniversary of a massive raid at a polygamous sect's ranch, here are the numbers:
* 599 DNA samples collected;
* 464 children in state custody;
* 16 group shelters caring for the children;
* One warrant canceled;
* No charges issued.

I'm still wondering if there is another shoe, like, another warrant. I think Scott at Grits saw it first.

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