Friday, May 09, 2008

Your Religion is Dangerous.

What about Freedom of Religion?

Deseret News - "Texas child welfare attorneys say children were removed from the YFZ Ranch and should not return there because its residents live as one big family and all have the same dangerous belief system."

Your Constitutional Rights are void. The State approves religion, don't you forget it. I'm going to be graphic. The state of Texas allows 14 year olds to marry, I have found and noted the records here.

"The court filing also states that a polygamous environment 'would make a 15- or 16-year-old child highly vulnerable to individuals who are willing to exploit them and take advantage of their child-like qualities.'"

What is it? One in four or one in five girls have a venereal disease? Texas is telling you this. "Your Fifty Year Old Penis will harm a 15 year old Vagina and the brain at the other end."

80% of the teenage boys
who use their penis to impregnate a teenage girl don't marry that teenage girl.

They are also saying that if you do marry legally, you can't have a 15 year old as well as your wife, but the quarterback of the football team can have every cheerleader.

I'll bet not one FLDS girl has a venereal disease. I'll bet their partners all married them.

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