Saturday, June 14, 2008

Allen Steed Revisited, strange parallels to Rozita Swinton.

The most comprehensive treatment of Allen Steed that I know of can be found at the Anti FLDS site "" aka "The Hope Organization." Here's the link. Allen is of course the man who had to rape Elissa for Warren to have raped her by proxy. That is unless you figure that Warren duped them both in which case they raped each other simultaneously.

The "Hope Organization" sorta gave up on pursuing news in the Allen Steed case late last year, posting a story from the Deseret News about how Allen's next court date for apparently setting or talking about setting a date and location for his trial will be discussed in March. A reprint of the Deseret News article is here. I can find little to no reference to what happened in mid March, but we do know that was when Rozita started calling and then the huge dust up in Texas, the kidnapping of over 450 children and finally their return. In May, before the children were released there is this business conducted and reported on by the Deseret News.

"The review hearing scheduled for Thursday was continued for at least another 60 days on the request of prosecutors and the defense, who have been working toward a plea agreement that must be approved by Wall. According to the motion to continue, there are 'factors outside the direct control of the parties involved,' which make it difficult to resolve certain issues."

Wow, now that's a dense piece of gobbledygook if I ever heard one. About the only relevant piece of information is the disclosure that just like Rozita's court dates, we won't be hearing from anyone about Allen until July. After Rozita appears on the 9th. It would sound like people want to know more about something, perhaps what comes out in Rozita's case before they move further on Allen's. What's notable is that both prosecution and defense are in agreement, just like in Rozita's case, a cozy set of relationships seems to have settled in for all of them and delay is the order of the day.

I don't mean to imply some sort of conspiracy of prosecution and defense at this time but it all seems like they're waiting for some other shoe to drop. It could easily be supposed that among these persons who doubtless know one another that prosecutors have no desire to back a losing horse if indeed that turns out to be the case, nor does the defense wish to get bogged down in a long hasty trial while their defendant is out on $5000.00 bail.

It would be interesting to see a side by side time line of events in Allen's case and in Rozita's calls and her subsequent case and the book and the judgments against the state of Texas with regard to child custody. It's pretty clear to me there are some glances as other people's papers and some looking over the shoulder to see who's gaining on you. Is this a conspiracy? I tend to think so but I don't know how pervasive it is.

The conspiracy seems to range from the outright procurement of Rozita and the active collusion of all four states involved to a mixture of coincidence, hints, over zealous reaction and not wanting to get caught beating a dead horse. I tend to settle on a cabal of Elissa Wall, her sister and Flora Jessop wanting prominence and money out of all of this and merging that desire with the desire of Utah, Arizona and Texas to "take out" the FLDS. Flora provides all too convenient information to Texas whom she knows is all fired up to go in on any pretext, both are confident of the "horrors" they will find when they invade YFZ covering all their minor indiscretions and Voila! Here's Sarah, and Flora begins to wash her hands of Sarah as the raid gets going. All very tidy and it works great, if there is abuse found and of course, there will be.

Except there wasn't any abuse. Now as we wind our way back down the trail to see how it all started, the only question in my mind is how active was the conspiracy? I doubt it was a full on sit down conference with Elissa, Flora, Mark Shurtleff, Peggy Way, Sheriff Doran, and Rick "Fiddle While My House Burns" Perry all figuring a way to promote a book, make money and careers etc. with Rick saying "I know this idiot legislator named Harvey" and Peggy saying "I've got this foster mother who wants to make an author of herself and who knows this dissociative woman in Colorado Springs," but I do think it's a group of people with a common enemy conspiring in much smaller groups and coming together using one another and trying to see who's going to be the monkey and who's going to be the football. What we have as a result is the giant FLDS fiasco, that Texas now acknowledges has cost Texans $14,000,000. There's more bad news to come.

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