Sunday, June 22, 2008

Genocide - How Texas may have gotten what it wanted.

Victory may be hollow for the FLDS. The four Attorneys General and Texas may have gotten their way after all;

The San Antonio Express-News - "The 10,000 or so followers of the insular group are still isolated and more scattered than ever outside their Utah-Arizona home turf.

Some are in South Dakota; many remain in Texas.

They apparently don't gather for church services anymore. Jeffs called a halt to Sunday services in the group's historic stronghold, the Utah/Arizona border towns of Hildale and Colorado City, in 2003 after insisting that God had turned his back on his followers there because they were unworthy.

At the Texas ranch, the sect stopped using its massive white limestone temple after authorities searched it during the raid in early April, said the group's attorney, Rod Parker, who is not a sect member.

While FLDS parents won a spectacular court victory against the state of Texas last month, winning back every one of the more than 440 children placed into protective custody, only about half the families that lived at the Yearning for Zion Ranch have returned there, Parker said.

The rest, too fearful to return, are still dispersed across the state in a society they shun, living in apartment complexes and working jobs wherever they can find them."

Law enforcement in several states have clearly targeted the Church Leadership, and while the vacuum existed, they struck, exposing the lack of leadership and scattering followers everywhere. Apparently they knew their job, and did it well. Genocide indeed.

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