Monday, June 16, 2008

Want to know where we're going with this?

Just look North, to Canada;

The Deseret News - "'The law says it is an offense for a person in a position of authority over another to touch someone if they are under 18,' (Polygamy Special Prosecutor) Robertson told the newspaper."

Keep running that one through your mind. Who is a "person in a position of authority over another?"

Unbeknownst to most of you, the definition of things like "racism" in the left (who we tend to allow to define such things) has become a "person in a position of power" exercising or expressing their racist views. Never mind that you have to have a working concept of racism apart from power to hurl the epithet "racist" at those in power who practice it.

It explains a lot. You find that Reverend Wright, while most Americans WOULD seem him is racist, is NOT racist, because he's doing something ridiculous like "speaking truth to power" and thus can call people whitey if he wants to and it's not racist nor is he racist. Thus you can see how a portion of the press reacts as if it's no big deal, while you are mystified that he gets away with it.

Now we have such ridiculous distinctions manifesting themselves in Law where essentially parents and pastors (among others) are targeted if they touch a person during a rehearsal for their 18th birthday party and the day of that party, they can sodomize them.

The left wants your children. They don't want YOU to influence them so they are making YOU into a toxic legal presence around your children. It also means that prosecutors are free to define a person as "not in a position of authority" and they could possibly get your daughter pregnant at 17, while your pastor couldn't even hug her.

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Disciple said...

Yes, that's exactly right: The left wants our children. This has been the agenda for a LONG time. This was well and convincingly documented in "NEA Trojan Horse in American Education".

The mindset/convictions/religion of those responsible for the YFZ attrocity led them to desire to "deprogram" the YFZ children (i.e. indoctrinate them in THEIR world view).

This "deprogramming" has been going on in the public schools for generations - a little more each generation.